Sometimes, I just want to see her face

She’s been gone 8 years but, it seems like yesterday.  Miss you mom.


19 thoughts on “Sometimes, I just want to see her face

  1. I know the feeling baby, I miss both Mom and Dad…my dad has been gone for 15 years and mom for 6 years and I sorely miss them !!!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful picture. I feel this way about my grandfather. I miss him terribly. We have our memories, but sometimes we wish there was more.

    • @my favorite original oldgirl Ladylee…thanks, and you’re right about that…especially during the holiday season. It’s like she’s on my mind 24/7 during Mardi Gras…it was one of her favorite holidays.

  3. I LOVE this picture – so beautiful. What a wonderful way to start my day. I miss her too – all of the time. I am really sad that she didn’t get to meet my kids and they didn’t get to know the wonderfulness of her. But I truly believe that she watches over us and still taking care of us (or just being nosey….LOL)

    Well….that really got me going so thanks. LOL

    • You’re welcome And yes, she’s around.. just being nosey as usual!
      The weird things that happens around this house could be put on that paranormal television program…

  4. This is such a beautiful photograph. And I think you’ll always feel just the same as you do today. My mother has been gone for 14 years, and sometimes even now, I still feel like I need to tell her something, the time just disappears. When her birthday comes, I feel happy, just like you feel when you have the birthday of any other loved one. I recently posted an image of my mother taken when she was a child. sp

    • Susanna, I think I’ll always feels this way too. I’m glad I’m able to get beyond the misery and enjoy the memories but sometimes…

    • Thanks Citizen K. It helps when I hear from people who know how this loss feels. Losing a parent, no matter what age you are, hits hard.

    • Thanks Reggie. I think we all go through those phases where,we wish we could have one more minute with our parents who’ve passed.

  5. I feel you. Next Sunday, Mom will be gone 30 days. I still can’t delete her phone number, I still find myself wanting to sall, I still stare at her pictures…I still can’t believe she is gone. I am glad she is out of pain (she had pancreatic cancer) but the little girl in me just misses my mommie.

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