It’s too darned hot…and other random ramblings.

I just had to put that out in the atmosphere…maybe we’ll get a break from it.  It’s hot as “panther-piss” here(why do people say that? Who tested how hot panther pee is anyway?) I hate the summers here in the deep south…it’s too darned hot and too darned humid.

I’m just waiting in the wings for November to get here…really fast.

School is over for the kids which means…higher utility bills for me.  Why do they need  EVERYTHING  to be on in the room?

I’ve bee monitoring the growth of my little garden and it’s really doing well.

herb garden today

I even started growing bell peppers and I think I have quite the green thumb because,

I’ve got baby peppers!!! GO ME!

I can’t wait for them to get really big so, I can stuff them.  I may never buy bell peppers again!

My daughter has just informed me that, she wants to go natural.  She wants to get rid of the relaxed hair and do the “big chop.”  I’m all for it, I think she would take better care of her hair if it was in it’s natural state.

She wants me to cut my hair short again. I’m not for getting a cut right now…it’s too easy being lazy and putting it in a bun….I’m turning into my mother *sigh*

I don’t do any posts about the oil spill because, it’s too depressing to me. I was teary-eyed putting up the oil-covered pelican, there’s no way I could do a blog post.

This weekend is the Creole Tomato Fest and the Louisiana Seafood Fest in the French Quarters by the French Market…I’m going.  I love these festivals because, they are held in conjunction with the Cajun-Zydeco Festival near the same location.  It’s like having three festivals rolled into one and the best part is…IT”S FREE!  I’ve been going for a few years and it is always terrific.  The food is out of this world and the music is awesome.  My husband and I both love Zydeco music so, we always have fun.   One of these days, I’m gonna learn how to do that Zydeco two-step.

I miss my dad.  I don’t really like him living in Texas…nothing against Texas but, I feel like a part of my pack is missing without him here.

I wish I had more for you guys but, this humidity is playing tag with my sinuses and it’s tagging the hell outta me.  Gotta go find something to relieve this sinus pressure.

I’m out.


2 thoughts on “It’s too darned hot…and other random ramblings.”

    1. Thanks Holly. I have 8 more peppers growing right now. My family can’t wait for them to get big enough to fix stuffed bell peppers…neither can I.

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