Saying Goodbye Is The Hardest Part.

Sassy at 2 months old

I’m sitting in my room and the only sound I hear is my baby Sassy gasping for air.  I know it’s time.  It’s my call, my husband can’t make the call as to when it will happen.  So, I sit and watch for any sign that she’ll give me that’s she’s ready. I look around the room and something says to me, “what do you see?”  I answer “three dogs and a grown man sleeping.”  What do you hear?  My answer…my dog fighting to breathe.

I realize that, the most loving thing I can do for her right now is to let her go.  I would rather feel the pain of missing her than her feel the pain she is going through right now.

I brought the kids to school, came home and told Navy Seal to call our vet and let him know that it’s time and we are on our way first thing this morning. I had previously thought that Saturday would have been the day but, the look on my family’s face made me give her a few more days.  But, that wasn’t to her benefit…it only gave her a few more hard days of coping and trying to be here for us.  So, I will do what is best for her and lovingly let her go to the other side.

I keep telling myself this is the right decision.  It is a loving decision.  I know that it is…I can hear the rales and rhonchi in her lungs as she struggles to breathe.  I see her hiding around the room…I was told that, animals do that when they are ill so they won’t be a burden to their pack.

Still, it doesn’t make it any easier because…it was my call.

Rest in peace old girl.  We will love you forever… meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you for 11 years of pure joy.

Sassy with Yellow Jacket (5yrs old) and Purple Knight (7yrs old)

Sassy and Purple Knight

Sassy and Yellow Jacket

Sassy and Navy Seal

Sassy and Dyson going to the kennel at Walt Disney World

our canine family...Sassie,Dyson and Happy



7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Is The Hardest Part.

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Eleven years is a long time to share together.

    God bless YOU today for your strength and courage.

  2. Oh Ali… I had a dog from when I was age 9 up until I was age 23. We had to get her put to sleep because she had cancer. It’s like losing a family member. But it’s your call. I can see you love her, because you want her to not be in pain. So sorry for your family’s loss. I know you all will have wonderful memories of Sassy.

  3. Thanks for the support from everyone reading the blog.

    Sassy made her transition very peacefully and for that, I am grateful. My husband and I were with her throughout the entire process which was very short and painless…she just went to sleep. Her veterinarian is a very compassionate man and I am so grateful for that as well because, Navy Seal and I were not holding up too well.
    We took her to a favorite spot and buried her there. I planted one of my bird of paradise plants there next to her so I’ll always know where she’s buried.

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