Blogging On The Bayou.

Let’s see what’s happening with me?  Well, my blog friends LadyLee and Serenity are reading this really cool book called…The Power To Prosper, a 21-day financial fast by Michelle Singletary.  How do I know it’s cool?  I purchased it this weekend.  I even bought the journal that’s needed for the fast…see the pretty butterfly? I thought it was appropriate since butterflies are associated with change.

*holding book up, waving it in the air at LadyLee and Serenity*  SEEEEEE!

After perusing the book, I decided that I needed this in my life.  Even if I don’t do the fast right now, there are principles in the book that I can start incorporating into my life.  I’ve already begun to think differently about how (and why) I make certain purchases so, that was worth the price of the book right there.

Thought creates change…note to self.

Since, I’ve been dealing with that post traumatic stuff lately, my counselor suggested that I do something that represents life to me.  So, with that in mind I started a herb garden of basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage and parsley.  These are the herbs I use a lot when I cook so, I may as well grow them my darn self.  I love the aroma  my little garden gives…and it’s cute too.

My counselor was right, I do feel relaxed when I’m around it…yep, that and a glass of wine does the trick!

About three years ago, I purchased a  bird of  paradise plant.  The thing just sat there and sat there with nothing more than very pretty foliage.  I thought that the  plant would never “shoot me the bird”…lol. It seems everywhere I turned people had beautiful bird of paradise plants and mine was sitting there with stunted growth.

Well, one morning, I woke up and….WAL-LA!

How beautiful is THAT!?    Now, it’s beginning to bloom like crazy!  I found out that, it takes about 3-5 years for a bird of paradise plant to mature…oh, okay…I live in a world of instant gratification…3years for it to bloom? Ya gotta be kidding me.  It’s so pretty though, it was worth the wait.

My baby girl, Sassy, has been holding her own.  She has her good days and bad days…she’s still barking at people when she goes outside to do her business so, if she still has the strength to do that…that’s a good sign.

We’ve told the kids and I think that was the best decision because they’ve been spending a lot of time with her.  She’s really been under my daughter a lot lately.

My son has his band concert today and he is not happy about having to wear a tux with tails.  Ok, but why does he have to stand there looking like Lurch?  I keep waiting to hear him say, ” You raaanng?”

No, he’s not a happy camper at all.  He’s gonna kill me for this post… oh wait, kids today don’t know who Lurch is…I’m safe.

Well, that’s all I got for you folks right now…I gotta go get ready for this band concert which, I’m sure will be great.


7 thoughts on “Blogging On The Bayou.

  1. Hooray! You got the book! You won’t be disappointed. As you read a couple weeks ago, someone had to send it to me in order for me to get it… and I’m glad that they did. I love the journalling part, and it made me think and it is SO different from other finance books I’ve read.

    Your son does NOT look like Lurch. Cut that out. And please make Sassy comfy. I know she’s been a good dog to you. And I pray you continue to heal from your post traumatic issues.

    • I’ve been reading a chapter a day, I really like the book. I’m beginning to become really aware of my purchases now.
      He’s still trying to find out who Lurch is…lol
      Wait until he finds out!

    • That boy is a mess…he hated the tux!
      He read my blog, he keeps asking…who is Lurch? I told him to google it.
      When he finds out, it’s going to be too funny.

  2. I love your garden and your plant. I’ve never been good with plants and I always said I would be successful with a plant before getting a dog… oh well to that, LOL. I do want to plant an herb garden though.

  3. I’m celebrating the steps you’ve taken to focus on life, growth, and change. It says a lot about what you’re hungry for internally.

    Know that you will be all you were meant to be and more. Believe it!

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