French Quarter Fest Friday.

I needed a break…big time.  Ever have one of those weeks where it’s just like, Calgon…take me away!  That’s where I was this week.  I worked 80 hours in ONE WEEK,my baby Sassy is terminally ill  and my allergies have kicked in because of the pollen. I was spent but good.

Thankfully, the city had a quick remedy for my “blues” and I was able to go out and enjoy myself at the French Quarter Festival that’s going on this weekend.

Did I say “enjoy”….I had a ball!!!

I ate until I was bloated!

My first dish was crawfish etouffee and it was dee-lish-ous!

Navy Seal had gotten a BBQ shrimp po-boy but, he ate it so fast…I couldn’t get a pic.

When my hubby had gotten his po-boy, I speared one of the shrimp with my fork so, they guy over the counter said
“give me your bowl” and he put some BBQ shrimp on top of my etouffee…good lawd that was a great combo!

Even the doggies were taking it all in…chillin’

After I got one of these, I was STRAIGHT!!  I’m such a punk…it’s a pina colada daiquiri.  The big dogs would have had me on the ground.

The crowds were having a great time. There was a Dixieland Band playing at Jackson Square and these two couples were getting down.  They looked so cute I just had to take their pic.

This couple was doing the Lindy Hop!!  Where did they dig THAT dance up from?  They were working it though.

This couple was doing the Charleston!!  Do they have some dance hall for really old dances that, I don’t know about here?  They really could do the dance though.  If I would have had one more daiquiri…I would have been doing the darned Charleston!

That’s my boy, Actor Wendell Pierce up there introducing one of the bands getting ready to perform (and talking about the series, Treme that’s soon to be on HBO)  I just love Wendell.  I’ve known him for a “lotta-lotta” years…we grew up together in the same neighborhood a block away from one another and went to the same school elementary school together.  His parents are still a block away from me so, we talk often. Trust me when I say….he’s a good man with a good heart.  He’s done tremendous work for the city and our neighborhood  so, I am a really, really proud of my old friend.

The weather is fabulous and the festival is off the chain.

Anyone that’s in the city who hasn’t gone to the fest yet….go!


8 thoughts on “French Quarter Fest Friday.

  1. Awww man… I remember going to the French Quarter Festival in 2000. Me and my sister were STUFFED. And you should’ve gotten a Hurricane. You’re from down there, thought all ya’ll could drank the hard stuff. (hurricanes have had me on my back a time or two, so I don’t blame you.)

    A good bootleg Calgon moment indeed:)

  2. *bayoucreole waving hands in the air* Hey Hassan!!!
    I had a wonderful time out there. The Jazz Fest is in two weeks and I can’t wait!

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