Our Sassy Is Dying.

I just found out that my beloved cocker spaniel (Sassy) has cancer of the lungs and esophagus.  My husband noticed a lump in her throat last week and I noticed that she has been breathing rather heavy lately.  After they ran a few tests, we were hit with the results and I gotta tell ya…I’m feeling a funny kind of way about it.  Having to handle an impending death in the family is never easy and my Sassy is not “just a pet”…she’s a member of the family.

We haven’t told the kids yet…I’m trying to find the heart.  Sassy is 11 years old and when we got her the kids were 5 and 7 years old…they grew up with her.  My son wanted a dog and so I went to the pet store and picked her out of a litter of spaniel pups.  She won my heart because, while the other pups were scurrying away from me…she came right up to me and bit me on the finger.  My response, “I’ll take her.”  I love a chick with balls…lol.

She’s my little Katrina Survivor, having stayed in the house for a month alone (they refused to let my dad take her when they rescued him)  did a month in a rescue shelter before we located her and drove cross-country to pick her up.

Right now, it’s not too bad…she has moments of difficult breathing but, we’ve found that she breathes better when she’s not on the floor so, she’s in the bed with hubby and me.

I just want her to be as comfortable as possible until she isn’t anymore so, she’s having her way.

Living her final days the way SHE wants to…where ever she needs to be to feel better…until she doesn’t anymore.

Watching a family member deteriorate before your eyes is hard…and she’s a big part of our pack.

I just want to be there for her the way she’s been there for us.

I know I could never measure up to the unconditional love and protection that she’s given but…I’m damned sure gonna try.


8 thoughts on “Our Sassy Is Dying.

  1. This made me cry…

    My fiance’ and I just got a puppy last Saturday and I’m already in love. Like I can’t imagine not coming home to her. I’m also praying for your strength.

  2. Thanks guys. We told the kids today so they can spend as much time as possible with her. She’s holding her own right now and we’re just loving her through her process.

    • The worst part for me is that, there’s nothing we can do for her. It’s inoperable so, just watching her decline is so hard. Never had to do that with a loved one before.

  3. Baby, I know you’re taking it hard, but so am I ..sometimes I can’t express it but this is grievous to me just as Max was…maybe even more so since Sassy had seemed to adopt me as her guardian and protector (smile); but GOD is good and we’ll get thru this…thank God for Dyson and happy they’ll help as soon as they get thru it as well. Stay strong baby..I’ll be praying for YOU as I have prayed for the kids and Sassy. All my love ALWAYS!

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