Ring Ceremony

My son, Purple Knight with his dad showing off their high school rings….the only thing that’s changed on the ring is..THE COST!

The time has finally arrived when I say, my first born will graduate next month….and it’s no APRIL FOOL JOKE either…I gotta remember that today’s April1st…note to self.

The school that my son attends has a ring ceremony…I think all of the catholic schools here have that event.  It’s a very beautiful ceremony.  The young men walk in the church together…all of the rings are blessed at the altar by the Principal(father so and so) and after a “special mass” each young man’s name is called and he is presented with his ring.

I gotta tell y’all, in an age where all you hear is bad news about young black males…how they are dropping out of school at an alarming rate, and all of the other stuff the media puts out there…to see 75 young black males stand there and receive their class rings just made my heart melt.  I am so proud of these young men.

My husband was such a proud daddy in that place…I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sing his Alma Mater THAT loud…lol

I haven’t cried yet…I think the tears are waiting for graduation…which is  next month…*sniff, sniff*

da ring!

Yeah, I know it’s facing towards him…it seems they have another tradition.  The ring is worn facing you and when you graduate, you turn it the other way.  Jeez.


11 thoughts on “Ring Ceremony

  1. Congratulations to you both. My daughter picked a trip to Europe with friends over a ring. I think if she had ended up as a third generation in the same Catholic school her grandmother “hoped” she would attend, I would have had to get her both.

  2. THANKS FOR THAT!! I’ve been keeping track of that fundraiser on facebook…should be a good one. I hear DC has a great alum chapter.

  3. We had that same tradition at Franklin back in the 80’s now that you mention it. When you get your diploma, you flip your tassel from one side to the other, then turn your ring around. I didn’t mess around with my ring til I was back in my seat…I could just see dropping it and having to go chasing it across the stage, clank clank clank.

    Looks like you have great kids.

    • Can you believe the boy was actually “practicing” flipping the tassel to the other side? He was so happy…I love seeing kids that happy.

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