Car Jackings

Lately, there have been more than a few car jackings here in NOLA and I’m pretty sure that, I was almost the next victim.

The other night, I went out to get something from the drugstore.  On the way home, I was on a main street to get to my home and this car is all of a sudden right on my tail.  So, I’m thinking who the hell just ran up on me like that but, the headlights were on so, I couldn’t see in the car.  The car then backs off.  I never turn down the street I live on, I either turn the street before or after mine…this time it was after.  When I made the turn, I looked in my rear-view mirror to see if anyone turned with me (this is something I ALWAYS do…it just automatic now.)  No one turned right after me but, when I got almost midway the block, I see a car turn…yeah, I’m ALWAYS looking behind me.   So, I made a  right turn near my home…the car got closer and turned again where I turned.  I passed my block up and made a left turn…the car made a left turn.  I went up a block and made a very random left turn on a street that hardly anyone goes down (I’ve been living in this area for 47 years so I knew if they turned here…I was being followed)….they turned.

Now, I’m on the phone with NavySeal:

Me:I’m being followed get downstairs…RIGHT NAH!!


I hit the gas to give myself a good lead and made a left turn.  This particular street has a bend to it so, by the time they made it out the bend I had hit the other main street and turned to my street.  I passed my house and NavySeal was standing there with GUNS READY TO SHOOT AND KILL.

Me:  They are still following me ….*speeding off again*…don’t want these fools to know where I live.

I made a left turn and then another left so I was on the street across from mine (there’s a school between the two streets so, I knew I couldn’t be seen.)

I’m sitting there and I see the fools on my block…looking for my car!

I make a left turn and they turn on the same street but now, I’m coming from the opposite direction so, they don’t realize it’s me since I’m facing them now…coming from a totally different side of the area.

I look at them in the car and it’s a female driver and a man on the passenger side, both in their 20’s.  They are so busy looking towards the way I had gone the first time round that, it didn’t dawn on them that I’d come from the opposite direction. And because they had been BEHIND me before, they didn’t know it was me when I driving towards them.

I get to my house (hubby still in the driveway with guns  ready to roll) and I back my car into the driveway.

We stand outside for 15 minutes…they never passed the house…or the side streets by us…we would have seen them if they had.  Once I made that very random turn, I knew I could lose them.

It’s crazy out here today…and it not just in NOLA…it’s everywhere.

What they were aiming for was for me to get to my house and by the time I pulled up,I would have had a gun pointing at me telling me to “give up the car.”  But, because I am ALWAYS on the look out for people driving behind me especially, I spotted them the very first time they turned behind me.  My car would have been a easy for them because…it’s a new car and I don’t have my hard plate yet, just the paper plate in the back window…technically, I should have been an easy target…single female, new car, night time….and I would have been except…I ALWAYS LOOK BEHIND ME,  AND I NEVER DRIVE TO MY HOUSE IF THERE IS A CAR ANYWHERE NEAR ME…I keep driving… to the nearest police station if I have to.

I knew if something would have happened when I did pull up… NavySeal was going to take them out.  The man was a NavySeal SNIPER in the VIETNAM WAR…uhhh, yeah, he can shoot.  He’s a  Louisiana State Policeman and commissioned with NOPD and he hunts so, uhhh yeah…he can shoot…very well.

I didn’t want these fools to know where I lived though because of the kids…it’s funny how, even when your own life is in danger, you’re thinking of the kids.

So, to all you ladies out there…guys too…be careful…last week, they tried to car jack a man , he must have seen them coming  because by the time the perp got to the car and told him to get out, he had his gun and  shot the perpetrator  through the car door and killed him.

Times are hard and people are getting more desperate and if they can’t earn it….they’ll try to take it.

Keeping your guard up saves your life.

Do you know who’s following you?


2 thoughts on “Car Jackings

  1. My goodness! Praise God you were on alert. This entire post got me on edge a little. I’m always aware of my surroundings. Even now, I gotta get used to The Teen being at the house when they stay the night because I hear every movement.

    However, sometimes I wander to la-la land while in the car. Listening to my music and just happy to get home. Because of your post, I will be more alert when driving.

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