Welcome Back Mr. Will Downing

This morning, I was perusing my facebook pages and noticed that…my most favorite artist is performing again.

I’m not the type of person to become a real “fan” of anyone…there are many, many artists whose music that I enjoy…I wouldn’t buy every single cd they dropped though.

The only group that I have every, single album that they’ve every put out is by the elements….Earth, Wind and Fire.  Never can get enough of Maurice White and Philip Bailey.

I am a huge EW&F fan….just huge.

I am also a fan of Mr. Will Downing….I have every single one of his cd’s.

This man’s voice is like shea butta (not butter..butta), it is so rich and smooth.

He sings grown folk music…his voice is deep and melodic…it puts me in a trance and takes me where ever his lyrics want me to go.

Ever noticed how there’s no bass or baritone singers with the younger generations….errybody’s a tenor.

Give me a man singing with a little bass in his voice…thank you very much.

Not too long ago(2006), we almost lost this wonderful man to a disease called polymyositis, which is a disease that attacks the muscles. However, after receiving extensive therapy, he has recorded a few albums and is once again, on tour.

I am so glad that  he’s doing well and touring again.  If he comes anywhere in the southern territory…I’m there.


10 thoughts on “Welcome Back Mr. Will Downing

  1. I am a fan of many artists I have every Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Carl Thomas, Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, India Arie (I could go on) album. For some reason, I never got into Will Downing. I think it’s because he came out during a period when I wasn’t listening to any secular music (long story).

    I hope you get to see Will on tour.

    • I saw him once in 1999. He came to New Orleans with Gerald Albright…it was awesome. Hopefully, he’ll be back.

  2. I’m with ya! Not a fan of the Neyo’s of this current generation — where’s the “man sound” — fan of Will and an even greater fan of EW&F — Lawd Jesus! Those were the dayzzzz!

    • I know huh. Youtube gives me my EW&F fix on the regular. I’ve just found Will on there….I could listen to them forever.

  3. Smooth like Shea butter?? I’m going to use that one! Girl I love Will and wish we had more crooners like him.
    You know what I’m on a search for Ali? Se Chocolate Milk CDs. Those brothas from New Orleans sure put it down….

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