We Interrupt This Blog For A Very Important Message…..

WHO DAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even begin to explain how proud this state is of our New Orleans Saints…and the party has been on full blast since last night!

It is crazy here!

You can’t find a newspaper anywhere (unless you go to The Times-Picayune building).  I tried to get a newspaper this morning at Rouses Supermarket…no luck.

I went to the Picayune building and got in the long line and people were buying bundles…not two, three papers…bundles!

Hell, I got jealous…I was only going to buy 4….I got 15!

School’s shut down for my kids…no school today.

Teacher’s  drunk…

Cafeteria workers drunk…

Errybody drunk here…

How ya gonna have school?

No, I’m just kidding they aren’t drunk 😉

And the party has not eemuch started here because, Mardi Gras is in full effect right nah!

But for me, the best part of all of this is…..


I am so excited that  imma have to take*cough* a break *cough* from work *cough, cough*

I’m beginning not to feel so well…

I’m feeling sick yall…

Imma need some bed rest I think…for about 24-48 hours.

I wonder if I have that virus that’s going around…

I better take care of myself…

don’t want to be spreading any bugs to anyone so,

I’m going  to lie down and get  me some bedrest….for about 48hrs…



10 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog For A Very Important Message…..

  1. I’ve already sent out a request for a copy of the Times-Picayune!!! I have yet to calm down. I would’ve declared today a holiday if I weren’t already going on vacay later on this week. Plus, I had some people at work who I had to throw my “WHO DAT” in their face!

    • Good to have you around Believer…I’m still flying high on that win. I keep going to the NFL website and watching the game…lol
      Imma need to go to rehab and be detoxed!

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