God Is True To His Word.

Today was one of those days where I just sat and thought about the splendor of God.  I mean he’s amazing all the time but sometimes….man, oh, man….

As everyone who visits here knows, I needed to get me a new car.  It broke down on Christmas Eve and that was all she wrote.

It’s my fault really because….I spoke it.

I just need my car to last until the end of the year..that’s what I had said, months before it died.

It died December 24th…the end of the year.

I also said that, I needed a new car so that I could commute back and forth to school.  I am continuing my nursing education and I go to SUBR ….that’s Southern U in Baton Rouge…yeah, Imma  Jaguar girl, and I believe in supporting HBCU’S.

When my car broke down, needless to say..I was pretty pissed.  I mean it was Christmas Eve and I hadn’t really saved any money towards getting a new car…did I say, hadn’t really?

I meant…I ain’t had no extra money for no down payment on no car!!

So, Navy Seal and I are sitting there waiting for a tow truck and the spirit tells me…

How are you going to get a new car, holding on to your old one?

Didn’t you say  that you need a new car to hit the road to go to back to school?

Now, I am thinking yeah, all of that is true but, you caught me flat-footed God…I have two tuition’s to pay, it’s the holiday season, the economy is bad and credit is hard to get today.


So, I call in my dad and he lets me borrow his car for a hot minute..until I can find a car that I like…

but I STILL ain’t got no down payment for no car.

In the meantime, the spirit is telling me…

What in the world are you waiting on?

So, Saturday, I got up and decided that I was going to look for a car…even though I ain’t had no money for no down payment on no car.

Before I left my house, I said a little prayer that I always say…it’s more like a proclamation actually….

God, my journey on this earth is more about my walk with you than anything else.  Where I go…you go.

I drive to the Honda dealership and before I even walked in, I began to feel a little nervous (I hate having to haggle and daggle like you have to do with a car sales rep) and before I hit the door, I heard the spirit again…

If wherever you go, I go…  then, your footsteps hit holy ground, go inside and whatever you ask for…you’ll get.

So now, I’m feeling braver….a lot braver…

because I’m leaping out on faith…

because God is true to his word.

I finally  find the car that I want.

Now….it’s time for the showdown!!!

Mr. Hondaman shows me some figures and after we play around with them and get to something we can both live with, he asks, “ok, how much you gonna put down on it?”

Me: nothing

Hondaman: huh? Ya gotta try to put down something…the banks are going to want to have something down, you know with the economy and all.

Me: I don’t feel as if I have to put anything down, I’m a loyal customer and have been for 10 years..finance the entire amount.

Hondaman: I don’t think they are going to let it go through like that but, I’ll try.  Can you put something down if they ask?

Me: Not going to,I’ve been loyal to this dealership. You all have to show me you appreciate that.

*Hondaman  gets up, goes to his manager and then returns and sits down*

Hondaman:  You can have the car….WITH NO MONEY DOWN!

So, we get to how much interest they are going to charge me and I’m holding my breath because, I’m thinking..

Ok, this is where they’re going to try to stick me…

the interest comes in at 5%!

So, I have my new car and put NO MONEY DOWN on it…in this economy!

Wish I could say it was because of my good credit…but I can’t…cuz, it ain’t good.

It’s all God’s doing.

He told me he would do it…long before I hit the car lot.

Navy Seal was looking at me like, “I can’t believe you twerked that, like that!”

I believe it all.

I learned a long time ago that, God is true to his word….so, I listen.

During the Hurricane Katrina episode, we left at the 11th hour because, he told me to leave.

We had every intention of riding it out…let me repeat that one.

we had every intention of riding out Hurricane Katrina.

The exact words I got were…Get out and anything you want to keep, put it on the second floor.  WOW!

Wish I would have been more obedient about that second part.  I did not lose a lot of photos though because, I brought most of them upstairs. But, that’s another post.

I brought that up to say, since then, I REALLY listen to the spirit when it speaks to me.

I’ve had way too many coincidences for them to be coincidences.

Way too many.

God lives and he’s true to his word…most of the times, he’s just waiting for us to make a move.


7 thoughts on “God Is True To His Word.

  1. What a wonderful post – this gave me chills.

    God is awesome and definitely true to His word. I love it when He gives us testimonies to share.

    Praise God for your new car with no money down AND 5% interest. God RAWKS!

  2. *lee cheesing hard like Celie*

    Dang girl! You listed out a few answers and instructions. Stepped out on faith. Even had a personal prayer up in there (which I’m stealing, if you don’t mind.)

    I feel like we just had chuuuuch!

    Good for you! When you get down, come back and recite this laundry list of blessings, i.e., come back and read this post.

  3. I’m misty eyed over here. Experiences like this are SOOO encouraging to read. I know if he takes care of you, he’ll take care of me becuz I’m his favorite 😉 A truly wonderful testimony that I’m going to keep with me for a long time.

  4. @LadyLee,…girl, it took me a minute to come back down from that high..lol
    My laundry list of blessings are,
    friends..especially my blog friends..you all rock!
    being able to return home after Katrina
    the ability to walk off of a job and find one that’s better suited for me.

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