I Quit My Job This Weekend.

Yes folks, you read it right….I quit my job this weekend.
Why is that you ask?
Because nursing believe it or not, is NOT about caring for patients…

it’s about hospitals,milking you for all you’re worth and trying NOT to get sued…

it’s about nursing homes looking the other way when it comes to abuse and asking nurses to jeopardize their license and let things illegal happen,

just to have a bed filled.

Those are games that, I just refuse to play.

Many nurses play those games though,

and lose their license.

They have yet to learn that, in this field, the name of the game is to protect your license, not your job.

This is nursing, you can always find another job but, what happens when your license is gone?

When I was a nurse at nursing home once, one of my patients was fed through a tube in her stomach,

well, her son would visit and pour any and everything down his mother’s tube..totally against the law because he was jeopardizing the patient AND the nurse on duty license.

The Director of Nursing knew about all of this because he had a medical bag full of shit in his mother’s room and what did she do?


Why? Because he’s not working on her license..it’s falls on the nurse on duty AND it’s a bed filled.

A resident was sitting in a wheelchair and the nursing assistant went to put his sock on.

She raised his leg so high that, she actually flipped him backwards in the chair.

He hit his back and head so hard, it sounded like a bowling ball hitting the floor…he ended up with a fractured spine.

He died a week later.

They blamed the accident on….the chair.

That assistant is still working there.

Why? Because they sweep things under the rug.

I’ve been a nurse a long time and I worked in the long-term aspect of it for about 10 years and the neglect and abuse was so rampant that,

I just couldn’t take it anymore.

For the longest time, I was like…who the hell really cares about these people.

I got my answer…..no one really.

Family members would put their loved one there thinking it’s safe but, in all actuality,

elder abuse is rampant.

Patients money gets stolen, their jewelry as well.

And when you’re someone like me, who refuses to play the game.

You have to move on because, sadly, it doesn’t change.

Yall remember the post where the nurse got the beatdown by the CNA right?

Well,at this facility, a nurse actually charted that, a patient was having trouble breathing…

and that nurse did not call the doctor to get an order to send the poor patient to the hospital.

And that nurse is still working there.

Clearly medical negligence at hand here.

But, that nurse is white…

something else that happens in this field.

A black nurse will get reported to boards for something trivial, and a white nurse could be stealing narcotics and simply be “asked” to resign.

Yeah, that’s rampant in this field also.

It’s amazing the things that go on in buildings… behind closed doors.

And I know it’s not just this profession that it happens in but, the difference is….

you’re dealing with someone’s life here.

It’s sad when you have to actually tell someone that, you’re a nurse for them to be on their P’s and Q’s regarding your loved one in a hospital…

had to pull that one too many damned times.

It makes no sense to me.

So, yeah….I quit my job…

wasn’t the first time,

sure it won’t be the last.

Because, my integrity is not up for sale.


10 thoughts on “I Quit My Job This Weekend.

  1. You know, I hear about this type of thing, and I thought it was rare. But after reading this, apparently it isn’t. It must’ve really taxed your mind something awful to deal with it all. Sorry you had to make that decision to quit, but you’re right… your integrity is not up for sale.

  2. Wow! You left with your license in good-standing, your integrity, and a clear conscience. I would say that you are definitely ahead of the game. Reading this makes me more motivated to work in order to afford a private nurse for when that time comes. Or is there a similar amount of abuse and neglect within that setting as well?

  3. Wow – Just Wow! Much respect to you for taking a stand. God will bless you with another job because He honors doing the right thing.

    My grandmother spent her last days in a nursing home. The decision was made by the two nurses in our family, so I pray that she did not endure the negligence and mistreatment you’ve seen.

  4. Every time a family member has been in the hospital with serious issues, one of the Nurses or health care pros in the family has had to pull rank to get treated with minimum decency. Sad, but true.

    Good for you for valuing your integrity!

  5. LadyLee, I wish it was rare but, it really isn’t.
    I used to do agency work and I think I’ve gone in every, single facility in this area from the westbank to St. Charles Parish and I’ve yet to see one where a resident didn’t get some sort of abuse or negligence.

    LB, It depends. At least with a private nurse, you can be at your own place and have cameras up to monitor everything.

    Tazzee, I really felt good because I knew when I left that, I was doing the right thing…plus, I have every intention of reporting that facility to the state so they can be investigated.

  6. SHERRI, Hi and thanks for dropping in. Isn’t it sad that, that has to happen for people to take care of their patients? What is really going on today?

  7. @Kelly, I know. The only thing I can tell you is to stay on top of them…the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They tend to take better care of those who have family members either calling all the time or visiting all the time.

    • Welcome aboard! Sorry it took me so long(the city’s been really busy..lol.) I’m glad I’m not the only one in this profession who knows what’s going on.

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