A Letter To David.

I know we don’t talk too often, you being being busy and me being busy too.

But, I just wanted to tell you that, I love you.

It’s just that simple….you’re my big brother and I love you.

You have no idea of how many happy memories I have because of you.

Every time I hear a song by the Commodores, War, EW&F or any song from the 70’s….

I hear you…

beating on your drum set.

You can play your ass off…..you always could.

I was always so proud of that…how well you can play

and how well known you are for it.

I learned how to do the bump because, you taught me.

I was 11, you were 22.

I learned a lot of dances because of you…

I also learned that, I had a big brother who had my back

because, you always did.

So, I just wanted to say…I love you.

You know us…we don’t say that too often ’round here.

I’m trying to become better with that because,

I really do have some awesome brothers.

I really do have an awesome family.

It’s time we all realize that, we’re a pretty special group….

my 6 brothers and me.



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