I Hate Teenagers!!!

Last night, I was getting my blog ready so that I could post it this morning. Well Purpleknight walks over and is leaning over my shoulder to see what I’m doing..

Why is it that teens can get all up in YOUR business, but ask them something about theirs…you get attitude city!

Anyhoo, I was looking at some clips and when my son saw this one, he laughed soooo hard, for sooo long that, he actually fell out of the bed…on his head!

To all you oldschool peeps like me he says, … we can never laugh at them again, nor talk about how they dress, or dance again because, after watching this…he’s seen it all!

I can’t lie though, if the clothes and some of the moves on this clip don’t make you laugh…you’re just having a bad day. Check out the guy at 1:10..what the heck is that “giddy up” move?

*sigh* I just hate teenagers.


7 thoughts on “I Hate Teenagers!!!

  1. Man, that was FUNNY! I use to love it when they would do the splits. And I can see why the teens would laugh. But they don’t understand real “creativity”, do they?

  2. Shelloy showed one of her nieces and they seriously though it was a comedy show or someone making fun of the era.

    Sadly…..it’s not fake…LOL!!!!!

    Awesome post.

  3. Giiiiiiirl! From the time I can remember to the time it went off, our Saturdays centered around Soul Train!!! Did everyone in your family have his or her favorite dancer? Giiiiirl when the Vietnamese woman would bend backwards and make her hair touch the floor, my Daddy would shout and my Mama would start cussing him out telling him, “Go be with her then….”…LOL
    you conjured up some good memories for me with this. Off to YouTube to watch a few episodes!

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