Soul Train Saturday

When we (most of the peeps who read my blog) were young, Soul Train used to come on every Saturday morning.

At our house, the ritual was…

get up,

make your bed (in that order)…

eat all the cereal up

watch cartoons…

and then…The Sooouullll Train.

My mom was a late riser so, that schedule was just fine for our house.

Soul Train was where we would see our favorite artists perform…

The O’Jays…Al “grits” Green,Teddy P., Marvin Gaye,The Jackson 5…and the list goes on.

I remember always being happy when Soul Train was on television.  Maybe, it’s because I was young and had no worries…yeah, that’s probably it.

Nevertheless, I’ve been watching old episode of “the train” on Youtube and  I still get those really happy feelings watching those episodes so, I’ve decided that,

every saturday will be my “Soul Train Saturday.”

Take a look.

Ok, MJ could work the heck out of the robot huh?  I never could do the robot THAT well…

and I can dance!!


5 thoughts on “Soul Train Saturday

  1. That was our ritual too. I don’t know if you have Centric (formerly BETJ) but they play Soul Train episodes. I’ve seen some that aired before I was born.

    I never was a good dancer, but I always tried while watching Soul Train.

  2. Believe it or not, I used to watch Soul Train with my dad (just to hear him talk about that Asian woman with the long hair) and then we’d watch Kung Fu afterwards. I don’t really remember us bonding over too much as a child, but I do have that memory.

  3. Tazee,someone just told me about the Soul Train episodes being aired and since you’ve confirmed it…I’ll be on the

    LB, That darned Asian chick is famous..everybody watched for her, she could dance too!

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