My Daughter Has A Boyfriend…Sigh

My daughter, Miss Yellow Jacket, has a boyfriend….she’s 15 years old…I’m 1,000.

She knows that, I’m not really into that “having a boyfriend at a young age” stuff, you can have friends that are boys but, no boyfriends (i.e. no going on dates, no coming over for company, etc.) which, really makes me wonder….

is he really a boyfriend in technical terms if, they’ve never gone on a date?

I guess so.

I remember my first real boyfriend.  I was 17 and when my mom found out…she could not handle the truth.

I always said that, I didn’t want to be the kind of mom where the kids couldn’t come to me with anything so,

we talk about it all.  Sex, drugs, STD’s, name it, it’s all free game.

My mom grew up in a different era…she was born during the great depression..nuf said.

  All she told me was that, she was 18 and a virgin when she got married, that’s pretty much all I got. 

So, I read.  I read up on venereal diseases(that’s what it was called in the dinosaur years), relationships and anything else I could to give me a heads up.

Mainly, I learned from experience….not really a great way to learn…too much heartache.

You become a stronger and wiser person as time goes on but,….you can also become bitter.

I went through that “bitter stage” and I became ruthless.  

I played the game with a finesse that would make men heads spin…I play to win…always.

One of my favorite books back then was, Master Of The Game by Sidney Sheldon…my favorite movie back in the 70’s and 80’s….The Godfather(saw the movie and read the book…most people don’t know that, they have two versions of that movie.  The one that’s always playing on dvd and cable and the one that’s more in-depth, I’ve seen them both..most people haven’t.)

Which pretty much sums up where my head was  during those times.

I don’t want Yellow Jacket to end up with that much baggage…it took me a long time to rid myself of those evil ways.

So, Miss Yellow Jacket has a boyfriend. She was by her dad and  his father brought him over to her father’s house and they were all there…which I think is a great starting point.

He’s a cute, respectful young man…the fact that he goes to the same school as Purpleknight doesn’t sit too well with him(purpleknight)…he’s being the protective big brother and all.

That drives her up a wall but, I told her she just has to deal with it because, that what males are supposed to do… protect the females in their lives.

I’m 46 and my brothers still have my back…shoot. 

Now, his mother wants to meet her….I’m not ready for all of this shit….really….I mean I’m ONLY 46!

Can I just go back in time when they were in grammar school and the only thing they wanted was to watch Barney?

I guess not.

They are growing up on me…

but, I love the fact that, they know they can come talk to me about anything…

I love the fact that, they DO come and talk to me about anything.

Maybe, I’m getting the hang of this parenting thing after all.


7 thoughts on “My Daughter Has A Boyfriend…Sigh

  1. You know, I would’ve given anything to have a mother I could go and talk to about anything. Me and my siblings knew there was some “get back” involved, and that we would have to pay for it later.

    So be there for lil’ Ali… she will greatly appreciate the wealth of experience she brings someday.

    (And make sure the Purple Knight doesn’t go upside his head!)

  2. You are blessed that you have such a relationship with your kids. Even more blessed that you have this outlet to express your concerns without freaking them out.

    It’s good that his mother wants to meet her – kids aren’t doing that sort of thing nowadays (that statement made me feel old, LOL)

  3. @LadyLee, I know how you feel…I wish my mom would have been more involved too but, you know back then…children were seen and not heard *sigh*.
    @Tazzee, I’m feeling pretty old myself
    BTW, I love your blog!

  4. I have sons, but if I’d had a daughter…let’s just say that I’d also have a rocking chair for the front porch and a shotgun to go with it. I’m sure that Navy Seal knows of what I say!

    A friend has two sons from an abusive marriage. She told me that she is raising her boys to love women. As long as whomever YJ is with respects and appreciates women, she’ll be fine. Not to say that there won’t be breakups and misunderstandings, but she’ll be fine.

  5. I have a niece…only girl grandkid. She is also the baby. I looked at her as she got ready for cotillion a few weeks ago and thought…when did she get those curves?!?!? She is turning 13 next year. The boys (My 2 sons and her older brother) are very protective of her and they threaten any boy who looks at her (she is very pretty). I think we are all in denial that one day, she is going to have a boyfriend.

    • Just hold on Newy and stay in her ear. I talk to my daughter all of the time about everything! Nothing is off limits because, she’ll be 18 and I’d rather her get the info from me than in the streets.

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