Funny Friday

Children Do The Darndest Things.

When my son was in the third grade(8 years old), he wanted to grow his hair out some so I said ok…

It was the first day of school…he went there, came home… problems

Later that evening, I was fixing dinner and my son walks into the kitchen and says, “mom, when am I getting a haircut?” I replied, “this weekend.”

Then all of a sudden, I looked at his head and a patch of his hair looked wet and seemed to be sticking out more than the rest. So, I said, “what’s wrong with your hair right there?”

When I touched that area…

A big ball of hair came out in my hand!!!!

This boy had cut a chunk of hair out of the middle of his head…and then tried to glue it back WITH WATER!!!

Me: What happened to your hair!

Him: Huh?

Me: Boy, you heard me, what happened to your hair!

Him: I don’t knowwwwww.

Me: so, you went upstairs and the “barber-fairy” came into your room and cut a chunk of hair out of your head…..what happened to your head?!!!

Him: I cut it.

Me :why?

Him: I don’t knowwwwwwww.

This boy gave himself a make shift hair cut because, someone teased him at school about his hair (said it looked curly like girls hair and he had bangs…I can’t lie, if the boy doesn’t get a lining…he still get those baby

That’s when we really began the conversations about peer pressure. It seems it starts so much earlier than when I was growing up.

So, the next morning, I had to bring his butt to the barber to get his hair cut.

When he sat in the seat, the barber looked at his head and then at me with this puzzled look on his face?

Me: Ask him

 Barber: What happened bruh?

Him: I don’t knowwwwwwww. *looking pitiful*

Me: He tried to give himself a hair cut.

Barber: *with this big huge grin on his face, trying not to laugh at him*  Alright bruh, Imma hook you up ok?

Him: *still looking pitiful* Okaaayy.

 We still laugh like crazy over this episode and this will be the one I will tell his wife when he marries one day.

 Every time we watch the Bill Cosby HBO special from the 80’s and hear him talk about how his son gave himself a Mohawk haircut…we just look over at my son and die laughing.


3 thoughts on “Funny Friday

  1. That’s cute! LOL! J told me that he wanted an afro not too long ago and that got the thumbs down. I just prefer him to have a low cut, but maybe I’ll rethink it…one day, lol.

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