Merry Monday Erryone

I hope that everyone had a pleasant weekend…my weekend was just wet!

It rained all day saturday and then, the streets flooded all over the city so, I was pretty much trapped inside for the day. 

 Since I was on lock down,I decided to do a protein treatment on my daughter’s hair.  I used an egg and after mixing it, let it sit on her hair for 20 minutes then shampoo and conditioned it.  Her hair was so shiny and soft when I finished!

I’ll be using that egg treatment more often, it’s cheaper than purchasing that stuff in the salons with better results.

Yall remember my “sort of” adopted dog, Whitey

Well, we’ve decided to call him Happy since he’s always so happy to see us.  I’ve kinda taken Happy in and he’s officially a member of our pack now as you can see.

The hierarchy has been established with my black cocker as lead dog (nobody messes with her.)

It’s mid-term time for the kids which means, I’m in overdrive with them and studying.  I don’t remember taking mid-terms when I was in school.  Back in the dinosaur era, we just took each semester as that.  I remember finals but, no mid-term exams.

This is their last week of school before the holiday break which means, I better have plenty of  food on hand (why do teenagers eat so much?)

I finally got to watch Survivor.  I gotta tell ya, I hate Russell but, he is playing the shyt out of the game.  It’s like he has them all on a string. And WHAT the heck did Monica think she was doing going to Russell with that “I’ll control the votes if you kick me off mess.”  Russell just outed her butt in tribal council  and then kicked her out of the game..dumb move Monica.

I did see the finale of Amazing Race and the black woman (forgot her name)married to the white guy was going spastic…what was HER problem?  I’m glad she didn’t win, she was pissing me off yelling at the poor guy like that. I missed seeing  Big Easy and Flight Time  in the game though.   I wish they would have made it to the finale, they were fun to watch.

I’m still haven’t gotten everything for my Christmas dinner yet but, I plan to wrap that up this week.  I am not fixing a lot of stuff this year.  We had gumbo for turkey day so, I’m not doing one for Christmas.  What’s up with the price of shrimp…it’s $4.28 at Rouses….that’s RIDIKULUS!  That’s right, I said it…RIDIKULUS!  $4.28  for shrimp…here?….in NOLA?..and they’re not even jumbo shrimp ( I love that oxymoron)….naw, I gotta go find me a street vendor.

My son has has 5 months left before he graduates from high school…I am so not ready mentally for that one.  I can’t believe he’ll be 18 in a few months.  I am so proud of him, he’s a good son.

And last but, certainly not least……

13 AND OHHHHHHH! Who Dat!!!

Everyone have a great day today!


2 thoughts on “Merry Monday Erryone

  1. Oh be quiet with that 13 and 0 jazz… (this from Falcon land, mind you).

    LOL. I am crying at the $4.28 for shrimp. Up here, the good ones run at least $7.99. Head on’s are $5.99. I do remember AND miss the NOLA seafood prices. There were a few places up on Dowman that I frequented. Miss all that very much.

    Survivor is a TRIP! Russell is running thangs. If they had any sense, they would get rid of him. Wasnt it ballsy of him to put on the hidden immunity idol at the tribal council? LOL. And what’s up with the Shambo chick? I don’t like her at all!

    That chick Erica was screaming at Brian for the whole Amazing race. I was glad they didn’t win either. I liked Big Easy and his friend. They were fun to watch.

  2. Yeah, what’s up with yall coach throwing that temper tantrum? That was sooo funny.

    I wonder if those nuts even realize Russell is running it all. I don’t like Shambo either..cant’ wait to see the next one though. I like this season.

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