I Work With A Moron

How many of you work with morons?  You know, the type that has you scratching your head saying,” how in the heck did he/she get this job?”  There’s this one woman in particular that, I swear when she sits near me, I can hear the wind blowing through her head…a true wind tunnel.  I know she hates it when I’m on duty because, “I’m so mean” as she’s told co-workers.  I don’t think I’m mean but, I do have a low tolerance for stupidity…I’ll admit that.  I’ve always hung out with smart people and even on the net, my most favorite blogs to read are written by folks who are very intelligent.  Some I lurk, some I comment…all are intelligent bloggers.

Today, I had to have a talk with Mrs. Moron.  This nurse seems to think that her job is not to be taken seriously because, there was a patient who was in need of morphine and she could not give it to him because she says , “I just can’t bear to look at him like that.”  WTF? (see, this is how some nurses get cussed and embarrassed by doctors..right herrrr.) The man could not breathe and she’s just there all..doody, doody, do.

 I actually had to get in this person’s face and blast her something terrible…well, considering my height, I was more like..in her boobs but, you guys get the picture.

I don’t understand how people get into this profession and don’t realize that, they are dealing with real life and death situations….people who are in real pain, people who are dying, people who are trying to stay alive. 

Every job should be taken seriously, I don’t care if you are on the garbage truck, strive to be the best you can be…you’ll be surprised at how many people notice your work performance. I could always tell when a certain dude was collecting my garbage because the can would be placed so neatly on the sidewalk, no trash in the streets…he was wonderful. I miss him.

However, when you are dealing with human lives, I believe that the “job ante” has been raised and that, I don’t take lightly. 

The worst thing I have to do on my job is to call someone in the middle of the night and tell them that, their loved one has died.  I can handle any and everything this occupation could possibly throw at me but that one…gets me. 

So yeah Nurse Moron, I will continue to be in your behind until you become a competent nurse because, my patients welfare will always override your little hurt feelings.


5 thoughts on “I Work With A Moron

  1. “…strive to be the best you can be…”

    I think we all need to focus on those few simple words. Striving regardless of the circumstances or even independent of how we feel. I myself am still working towards that.

    Stay on Nurse Moron. Even if she thinks you are mean, I hope she eventually understands that you all need to do your job. Period.

  2. yup,
    I’ve worked with a few folk like that. Some who want others to write their reports, writing reports a week after the incident, and have so many mistakes in the report that the ranks kicked it back to them for correction six or seven times. And civilians have to wait for the report to be accepted before further actions can proceed on their behalf…this is one reason LEO’s have a bad rap.

  3. Hey, that wasn’t me commenting that musta been Navy Seal getting on here while I was still logged in. Say bruh, use your own name.

  4. Tisk Tisk,…………….all i pray for is better Health Care Providers! I ask for some every year for Christmas, and i never get what i want, the next time I see Santa he and I are going to have a “Misunderstanding” lol. Great Blog I loves it!

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