One of my dearest and closest friends died from breast cancer when we were 35 years old. We met when we were in the 7th grade(13yrs old) and were like two peas in a pod ever since…we even used to coordinate our school clothes so we’d be dressed alike often. When she passed, she left behind two daughters ages 12 and 3 years old. I had not seen her daughters in quite some time because, their dad moved away and remarried.

Yesterday, I was FINALLY getting a facebook account and somehow when I hooked it up, on the side under suggestions for friends were a bunch of people… one of them with the same name as my best friend’s daughter who was three when her mom died (she’s 15 now.)

I took one look at her and KNEW that was my dear friend’s child….she is a mirror image of her mom when we were that age. I just looked at the picture and cried, it was like seeing my best friend again. Her daughter is sooo beautiful with that killer smile just like her mom.

It brought to mind that movie, Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey…remember Hershey died and left Bette to raise her daughter and Bette had all of these memories to share because they had been friends since forever.

I haven’t contacted her yet but, I will after I contact her aunt (she popped up under my suggestions also and that’s my friends sister who had moved to the islands many years ago and I had lost contact with her after my friend died 11 years ago.)

I am not sure how that facebook thing out of all of the people on this planet put those two pictures on my suggestions for friends, heck my own family members who are on facebook names did not appear.

The world is too big and too many people are on facebook for that to be merely a “co-inky-dinky”…especially since I used my married last name on facebook that they know nothing about.

I guess maybe….just maybe, that was my dear friends way of telling me hello.

Hello Barbara. I got the message, she looks just like you and I will tell her all of the crazy things we used to do….and my memory is long….very long.


8 thoughts on “BEACHES

  1. Awwww….how sweet!! And exciting! I love Facebook and have reunited with so many old friends.

    And I almost cried at the Beaches reference. God, that movie can get me with just a mention. 🙂

  2. I know, every single time I watch movie, I cry. Even if I watch it twice in a row, it still brings the weepy eyes. I love that movie.

  3. Beaches is one of my favorite movies…right along with those other sappy movies like Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias.

    That sure is interesting how that happened. A couple of weeks ago some woman that knew my dad a while back, recognized me and sent me an email. She claimed to know me when I was a little girl. Now, HOW she knew my dad is a good question b/c she said nothing about that and when I told me dad about it, all he said was, “Ohhhhh”. Hmmm…

  4. I LOVE Steel Magnolias. I cry on cue with that one!

    Dereck had a similar story with Facebook also. You’ll have to ask him about it.

  5. I know ya’ll I love those darned sappy movies. I have Steel Magnolias as well. One day, I watched Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias and Beaches one behind another. I was dehydrated when I

  6. Oh wow… that is nice that you found your friend’s child. I think that that was meant to be.

    I remember a long time ago, my best friend was like “Girl, you gotta watch this movie, Beaches!” Yeah, it had a hardcore oldgirl like me crying down. My goodness, the movie was so doggone good. It truly was.

    I like Facebook. It can get a little addictive at times, as I am a gamer, and I get caught up in a few of the games. If you ever want to add me as a friend, feel free. I am under “Lee Parker” in the ATL…

    This was such a great post. I’ll be thinking about this one all day.

  7. It’s funny you say this. My mom had a best friend when I was growing up. She was a housewife with 3 sons. She’s been on my mind a lot lately. I haven’t seen her since my mom’s funeral and I wonder how she is and where she is. I have fond memories of going to her house watching her and my mom play yatzi for hours.

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