I’M BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!! Missed You Guys!

Well, hello blog family and friends. I am finally back from the abyss that was my life. I knew that when Navy Seal went in for his surgeries that things would get rough but, I had no idea that it would be THAT rough…geez.

I missed reading all of my favorite blogs and I will be catching up really soon so um…if I answer something that was posted like, two months ago *blushing* forgive me.

My girl Mrs. Saditty had her beautiful baby while I was in “The Abyss”…..Congrats chick!!!

I must say, I feel so out of the loop here…I’m gonna have to get my “blog legs” again.

I have some very interesting stories though, one in particular might make your head spin…it’s about how black people were created so brace yourselves…oh heck, I can’t hold this one…

(warning…this is an actual conversation that I had with an actual 55 year old black female….this is not a drill.)

Around Halloween, I worked a night shift at the hospital. The night was going slow so, a group of us were watching the telly and watched this program, Haunted Houses in New Orleans. This one particular mansion was owned by this extremely rich couple…it was in the 1850’s era and this couple had a lot of slaves.
Long story short, whenever the slaves did something bad, they would end up going to “the upper most room” and never come down. This one slave set the house on fire during a ball at the house because she had done “something bad “and said she would rather burn alive than go in the upper most room. Once the fire was put out, the police and firemen went in the room and found slaves still alive that had been a part of various medical experiments performed by the owner who was also a doctor. One slave’s face and been peeled away from his skull(while alive and still alive when they found him…barely) maggots had been put on his face to see how long it would take him to die….really horrific things were done to the slaves, many who were still alive when they found them.

Ok so, we’re sitting there watching this program and one of the assistants says, “That’s a damned shame that our people had to go through that type of shit…nobody went through this sort of mess here but us.”

Me: No, it wasn’t just us..the Indians went through a lot of shit too. They were massacred and many were tortured as well when Whites first came to America.

Crazy Assistant: Yeah, cause that’s how black people got here, Indians and white people got together and made us.

Me: * turning my head around very slowly to look at her….like a Chucky Doll would* …. Say again.
Other Assistant: *looking at her like, WTF did she just say?*

Crazy Assistant: White people and Indians made us, we all have white in us.

Me: Girl, don’t tell anybody that anymore. That is not how black people came to America….you’ve never heard of the middle passage? Did you at least watch Roots? That is not how black people were created…do you own a bible? And not all black people have white blood in them..where do you get that from? You need to read more so you can know more or at the very least watch the History or Discovery Channel..shit.

Crazy Ass then gets mad, walks away and tells someone, “she makes me sick, she thinks she knows every damn thing.”

BUT DAYUM!!!!!!!!! How can you be in your 50’s and say some crazy mess like that and worst of all, believe it?!! Could someone please explain that to me if you have a clue…I am totally clueless on that.

White people and Native Americans got together and made black people……OMG!!!!

Oh, in closing I do have one more thing I just have to say,




6 thoughts on “I’M BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!! Missed You Guys!

  1. @LB, WHO DAT !!!!!!!!!!

    @LadyLee, I forgot you were a dirty bird..lol. I know you guys are going to be gunning for us, that’ll make for a great game.

    @Andrea, I know my poor brother was really torn between the two that night..lol

  2. @ S23, I was thinking, maybe she thinks people are made like you make colors…you know the yellow and blue makes green sort of stuff. I guess in her head, red and white makes black..lol

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