Some Random Saturday

Well, Navy Seal is still in the hospital…in his private room for no extra charge (compliments of the moron doctor who forgot to tell me he was finished with the surgery.)
No, I did not act like a donkey when I finally got the phone call from Dr. Moron but, I did let him know he was going to compensate me in some fashion…I mean after all, I’m just a little ole’ female who was wondering mighty fierce that something terrible, just terrible had happened to her husband…yeah right…NOT!

I’ve been in this medical profession long enough to hold my own and go toe to toe with the best of them and when I finished with him, lets just say that…Navy Seal is being treated royally.
Ok, here’s the crazy part….Dr. Moron was so impressed with me, he offered me a job!!!!

When I took the kids to see Seal Man, some young skank and her crew eyed my son and started trying to holla at him!!!

Get your young, hormonal-driven, hot tails away from my boy!! Shoo fly! Shoo I say! He just had this look on him that said, “oh, that’s normal for me.” He’s so vain.

Since Navy Seal’s in the hospital, my cocker spaniels have been sleeping in the bed with me…which, is not a bad thing except the male climbs in and out of the bed all night and why do they have to sleep right up under me? I have a king-sized bed so there’s plenty of room but there they are right by my side…facing the door.

My dogs are not sociable…I didn’t want them to be socialized to greet everyone who walked through my door…I wanted guard dogs. They know I’m the pack leader and follow my lead but, no one’s getting near that house without them giving me or Navy Seal a heads up.

My dad’s in town so, the kids are getting their “spoil on” and I get a break for a minute because, he’ll do anything for those two buggers and they know it so, they tend to forget I exist when he’s around.

It’s my favorite time of the year….high school football time!!! I’m one of those parents who cut up at the games but, in a good way. I’m all for the kids…even on the opposing team. I think they play their little hearts out to make the adults proud of them and so, I’m one of those parents who scream, “that’s all right baby, do your thang!” When the band plays, I’m up and dancing. Navy Seal is used to it so, he just moves a bit before I hurt him while I’m doing the bump or sumthin’….Oh, glad I wrote this….I have to buy my fog horn and a new cow bell for this year…

My mom’s birthday was a few days ago…I didn’t have the heart to blog about it…I miss her. She told me I would….she was right. I look so much like her that, at times when I look in the mirror, I have to hold my head down until the feeling passes.

My husband told me it’s time for a perm….I got “kitchens” back there…lol.

What is it with this new phenomenon…kids getting cars for graduation? The kids are already rolling in with them and they ain’t driving hoopty’s ya’ll!!

They’re rolling in with nice cars…some of them…Benzos and Beamers….WTF?

I got a watch for graduation..okay? I guess my parents wanted me to be able to watch the time so I could make sure my ass was at the bus stop before the bus

My girlfriend just got a car for her daughter…it’s used but, it ain’t no hoopty.

My daughter’s friend just popped over with her car she received for graduation and my son’s friend just got his graduation present early….a darned Benz!!!

Nah my son is looking at me all cross-eyed and stuff…the pressure, the pressure…good grief.

Have A Great Weekend Errryone!!!


One thought on “Some Random Saturday

  1. I am happy to know that Navy Seal is recovering and for that Dr to offer you a job, you ripped him a new one (in a professional way of course!)

    The phenom with kids and new cars baffles me. With my kids and my step kids, it will be the same way it was for my parents and I–my OLD car is your NEW car!

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