Going Back To Basics

Going Back To Basics

The closer it gets to August, the more nervous I get…it’s that post traumatic stress syndrome thing going on I guess.     I had to find a way to get rid of all of this anxiety so, I sat down and thought about what I enjoyed doing most…I am such a geek because I immediately thought of two things…reading and crocheting.

  These are the two things that relax me the most…a glass of wine would also do the trick but, I’d be out like a light two minutes afterwards.

During my exile, I think I made 4  afghans…my poor hubby “Navy Seal” didn’t even know I could crochet.  I was buying all of this yarn and he said “ what are you going to do with all of that yarn?”  I told him I planned on crocheting.  He asked if I was taking up a new hobby…uh, I’ve been crocheting since I was 14 years old bruh. 

I found some really pretty yarn and they had a nice pattern hanging up near it…the best kind of pattern….for free.

It took me three days to do this afghan, all that’s left is the edging and I’ll finish that in about an hour.

Here  is the afghan although, this picture does not do it  justice because the yarn is so pretty.  The second pic, I turned off the flash so that the details of it would show.

Now, I need more yarn and a bunch of books….it’s only July.

The anti-anxiety afghan

The anti-anxiety afghan

I had to turn the flash off so the details of the stitches would show

I had to turn the flash off so the details of the stitches would show


5 thoughts on “Going Back To Basics

  1. I was wondering if you were referring to storm anxiety. I heard about that when I was down there in February…

    Now, you know you are stomping right down my alley with the crocheting. Just posted up a baby blanket today. It is indeed relaxing. I try to do a little every day. I am glad you found something to help you relax:)

  2. @LB..Yes, every year since the storm. We drove for 14 hours and landed in a small town called Forrest City, Arkansas for a few weeks..then traveled cross country to Spokane, Wa to bring my kids to my brother..then, back across the country and landed in Jacksonville, Florida for 3 months…left there and moved to Jackson, Ms for about a month before we were able to make it back home and live in the upstairs part of the house.
    @S23…Yep, I suffer with post traumatic stress syndrome…it’s getting better though.
    @ LadyLee…it’s either crochet, or get drunk..lol

  3. We’re over here stocking up on water, etc. First Katrina, then Rita…I wonder if late summer/early fall will ever feel the same?
    The afghans are beautiful! Reminds me of sofa sitting at relatives and yanking th from over the back of the couch to snuggle with…

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