Happy Birthday To Us!

My daughter just celebrated her birthday a few days ago…oh yeah, me too.  I say it that way because, she was born on the same day as I and, she has pretty much “cached” that day from me ever since….15 years ago.  It’s pretty eerie actually because my mom was 31 when she had me on that day and I was 31 when I had her on that day…what are the odds of that happening?   What a way to spend your birthday…in labor.  My SIL knows that type of drama as well because, my niece was born on her birthday…what’s up with these daughters stealing their mom’s birthday in my family?

My son was such a happy baby…a good baby.  He never really got into anything much as a toddler…made me want to have another one…THEN I HAD “BEYELZABUB” and my world changed forever!  I used to hear people talk about those “bad red girls” … never knew what they quite meant…until I had one.   This girl would get into any and everything as a toddler.  At two years old she found a screwdriver, got under her play car and took it apart…every screw that was holding it together was out…made my brother “the mechanic” proud. She’s a good girl though, has a heart of gold. And I have never seen someone with such a magnetic personality….people fall in love with her…the church members, teachers… kids follow her like The Pied Piper…she should go into politics….Her dad has that type of personality….me, not so much.  I tend to be a loner.

Miss Yellow Jacket spent her birthday with her daddy(I had to work so, we’re celebrating today) and he spoiled her…naturally.   They went out to eat dinner at Copeland’s, then he took her shopping(her favorite hobby), to get a pedicure and manicure, and then…he bought her a new phone.  Oh, I forgot…he also redecorated her room at his house for her.  I went over to see it and it’s beautiful.

Thanks for upstaging me bruh…what the heck am I suppose to do today…more shopping?  Yeah, I know.

I don’t mind though, I had enough wonderful birthdays as a kid to last two lifetimes….this is her time.  I’ve found that childhood memories can really haunt you if they aren’t good ones.  So, I gotta go get ready for  what will certainly be a day in the mall, dinner somewhere and a whole lotta talking….teen-aged girls can talk a hole in your head!

Happy Birthday Chick…I will always be your greatest fan….you make me proud…..LOVE YOU!

yellow jacket


5 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

  1. She’s a pretty girl! Yep, her dad definitely spoiled her on the bday. Happy belated birthday to you as well. How old is she? Is she old enough for concerts yet?

  2. Thanks everyone! Yellow Jacket just made 15 years old and she has been going to concerts since she was 12. Two weeks before Katrina, I had just taken her to the concert with Omarion, Bow-wow and somebody else…she loves concerts.
    After we went to the mall and stuff, I had to to go work…*sigh*

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