Ok, I am sitting in the library on the computer because…mine ain’t working right and this guy is sitting right next to me on one and about every 5 seconds..he starts growling!  Yes growling!

He pecks on the keyboard and then I hear,

grrrrrrr..grrrrrrr….*pecking on the keyboard*…grrrrrrrrr,grrrrrr

maybe I should move before he eats me or something huh?  WHY ME?

Why do I witness all of the crazy mess?

It’s hot as hell down here already….94 degrees and it’s only May.

When I leave (as soon as I can get past Tony the Tiger) and going to get me a snowball…strawberry with ice cream!

Ok, he’s growling  just a little too much for me…I’m out!!!!


4 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I never realized how much I’d miss something as simple as a snowball. I don’t understand why in the hell they don’t have snowball stands here.

  2. @Andrea, I just found out that they had to put Tony The Tiger out of the library!
    @S23, Those snowballs really come in handy on those hot days!

  3. I have had a strange feeling about letting you go to some places unescourted…. hmmmmmm
    need a shotgun rider??? Hehehehe

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