Teen For Sale

My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was going through my blog.  She was reading my last post, and then said, “mom, are you sure that’s suppose to be Lady tee, I thought you liked Ladylee …you’re always saying “I just love that blog” when you’re on it.”

Then she looks at me with that, “you’re getting old and I’m going to have to take care of you real soon” look.



5 thoughts on “Teen For Sale

  1. LOL! You can’t sell your kid, but you might be able to give her away. I tell Tyler all the time I am going to drop him off somewhere adn never come back. He straightens up real quick.

  2. Just wait until he becomes a teen…lawd they take it to another level..lol NOW, I see what my mother was talking about..goodness!

  3. I know I’m not supposed to laugh but I know that look!!! LOL. Don’t be mad, Ali because you know that at that age, we knew ‘more’ than our parents! LOL

    On the real? Your daughter looks up to you and since you’ve given her near perfcetion as a Mom, she’s holding you to that same standard (which is awesome!)

  4. @MrsSaditty, I know.. she’s a good girl. She’s already told me, she NOT going to put me in a nursing home..*sigh*
    @Tanyetta…You are so right about that.

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