Playing Catch Up

This week has been one of recuperation for me.  Mardi Gras wore me the hell out!  I really must be getting old because, walking all of those parades had every bone in my body aching.  Being in the grandstand seating area on  Mardi Gras day was interesting but, I see why most people prefer the neutral grounds.  It was a bit too confining  for me so, I think next year, I’m going back to the neutral grounds and eat until I explode!  We must have been in the geriatric section because it seemed like everyone by us was over 70.  They had the nerve to be hustling their asses off for that stuff too…knocking me out of the way and was too funny!

What happened to the Zulu Coconuts?   When I was coming up, they were huge and heavy…they look like painted tennis ball today..WTH?  Someone on the float tossed them and hit two people on the head….LAWSUIT!  Zulu knows better than to toss those things, that’s why their insurance is so high now.  Mardi Gras was really fun for me this year though.

My hubby has to have surgery in about two months so, I’ve been really busy trying to get everything in order.  Although his condition is not life-threatening, it is life-altering.   We are going to have to change our game plan in a couple of areas..he may even have to consider a career change.  I have been pushing the nursing field but, it’s hard for some “manly-man” type of men(especially a Navy Seal Veteran who fought in Vietnam) to consider nursing .  In this economy however, it’s like money in the bank…oops, with the way the banks are today, I better not say that huh? 

My son has introduced me to the “crack of the coffee world”  Starbucks.  He wanted to get a mocha latte so, Saturday, we went to Starbucks for the first time.  I had a vanilla latte and one sip was all it took and I AM JUST HOOKED!  I went back three days in a row for that “crack coffee” thanks to my son….the pusher man.

I can’t watch American Idol this year, I hate the new format…I’ll just wait until they get to the final twelve and try to watch it then.  The Celebrity Apprentice is kicks…I miss George and Carol, I hate Donald’s kids being in the board room.  I hear George is coming back so, maybe it’ll be better in the board room from now on.  Why are people always crying on The Biggest Loser at the elimination table?  It’s a game, someone has to leave every frigging week.  What’s with all of the “it breaks my heart to send this person home because he’s so wonderful but,*sniff,sniff*, I had to vote for you Bubba.”….I’d be like” see ya  Bubba….NEXT!”

With all of this pollen everywhere and this hot and humid(80 degrees) weather, my sinuses are on their yearly tirade…guess it’s time for my yearly steroid shot..I hate that visit to the doctor *sigh*.

That’s all I got for now, on my way to Lowe’s to pick  out more paint.  I don’t  like the color so, I have to pick another one..I have no idea what to pick…it’s for a media room with a lot of whimsical movie theater type stuff going on the walls…any ideas?

Until next time!  BTW, ya’ll gonna have to forgive any typos, etc…I can barely see this darned screen!


4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Hooray for Starbucks!!! I can’t believe you haven’t had one until now. Try the white chocolate mochas. Delightful. 🙂

    Idol – eh. I do love Danny though. Its the personal stories that get me and, well, a dead wife definitely gets me. And Matt is awesome.

    Biggest Loser – sad to say, I am in tears right with them. While it is a game, I love that this season is back to the heart of weight loss instead of whatever Vicky made it last season. I adore Mike (the teen) though and am pulling for him. I think he is such a fantastic young man. Oh and Sione – who isn’t bad on the eyes although he is a bit of a baby (crying to Bob and all).

    Glad you are back!! Let us know about the surgery, like when and where. Or have you already told Dereck and he hasn’t told me (which isn’t unusual)? 🙂

    Love you!!

  2. They threw coconuts??? Geez.

    Try the caramel frappucino and see if your world changes, lol.

    I wish your husband the best with his surgery and recovery…and possible nursing opportunity. 🙂

  3. @Andrea, yep that was my first time and I used to take so much pride in being able not too buy Starbucks coffee too…your nephew has ruined me. :)!
    I’ll keep you all informed about the surgery..hadn’t told Dereck but, I’m sure he’s reading about it now..
    And you’re right, Sione is a big

    @ LB, I’m going to try that caramel frappucino this weekend. I saw that coconut hit that lady and I was like…OMG! She was bleeding so, I know she is hitting Zulu with a lawsuit.

  4. LOL…okay…where do I start…I can comment as soon as I stop laughing at you, calling your son the pusherman. Now that song will not get out of my head…”I’m ya mama, I’m ya daddy…”…
    Anyway, Starbucks is wonderful and the Strawberries and Cream Frap is the best pick me up for the upcoming hot NOLA days!

    I can also remember the Zulu coconuts being huge (although I have yet to get one). I can also remember there being chickens one year (my husband does NOT believe me!)

    I am praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for your hubby. A change in career/lifestyle may be just what the doctor ordered! Keep me posted on his progress.

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