Hell of a week!

Hi Everyone!

My week has been the week from HELL!   First of all, it’s Mardi Gras and I never thought I’d be so busy with the kids marching.  This is the first year that, they both march and they go to two different schools so, it has been pure chaos!

I had to call the gas company because I walked outside and heard my gas meter hissing…just going like …ssssssssssss.  I was told that, that was normal if a big appliance was running but, they would send someone out anyway.


I had to have THAT fixed in the midst of everything else.  Thank God I heard that hissing sound.

The crowds are big for Mardi Gras  this year.  I chaperoned for my daughter’s school band and the crowd loved them to death….I’ll be posting pictures this afternoon of different parades.  There seems to be more people from out of town this year, it looks just like Mardi Gras before Katrina which is just wonderful for our poor, struggling  to rebuild city.

Will be in touch with those pictures later….in addition to everything else, my computer is on the blitz.   I had to go to my neighbor’s house and use his…lol.



3 thoughts on “Hell of a week!

  1. I attended a parade on Valentine’s night. And yep, the crowd was big. Bourbon street was uh… VERY festive, to say the least.

    Thank goodness you caught that leak!

    Have fun at Mardi Gras:)

  2. I am mad about the gas leak and I hope they credited your account. N.O. is slowly returning to it’s pre-Katrina state. And a chick like me? I am as happy as a hog because I got a muff from Central grocery the other day!

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