Life Lessons In Chris Brown and Rhianna

Well, as everyone probably already knows, the world is buzzing with the news of Chris Brown and Rhianna.  Allegedly, Rhianna gave Chris Brown a STD and he lost it…..hit her or something. I believe in learning from the mistakes of others so, I took that opportunity to once again, have a talk with my teenage son about sex.

Actually, he was the one who brought it up.  He wanted to know what herpes looked like and all the particulars regarding it.  I guess since that’s what Chris Brown has allegedly contracted from Rhianna, it peaked his interest.

The drive to school is a wonderful opportunity to talk to kids.  Not only do you have a “captive audience”, it takes the pressure off of trying to find the right time or place to have those type of conversations.  I answered all of his questions regarding herpes and HIV….I extended the conversation to the signs and symptoms of other STDs, safe sex and abstinence.

It wasn’t an awkard conversation probably because, I’ve already talked to my kids about a lot of things.  When he arrived home, I pulled out one of my nursing books and showed him the photos of people with various diseases…(yeah, he freaked out on that one) but, he needed to see it.

He asked a lot of questions so, I think it was sinking in…I sure hope so.  I’m glad he felt comfortable enough to ask me though….makes me feel really good. 

I hope that other kids are using Chris Brown and Rhianna as a life lesson because,

what you don’t know…..can kill you

or at the very least,

give you something that you will have to live with forever.


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