Happy Birthday Daddy!


Today is my daddy’s birthday.  I am not going to put his age out there but, I will just say that, he was born the year of the great depression…lol

It has been said that, a girl’s first love should be her father.  Well, if that’s true then, I hit the mark because….

I am a daddy’s girl…big time. 

I am sure being his only daughter in a sea of sons gave me a little more (ok, a lot ) leeway where he was concerned.  But, my father made sure every last one of us was provided for. We grew up in a great neighborhood and he loved our mother dearly.  Their marriage lasted 53 years before my mother passed away. 

We never went to bed hungry, always received what we wanted for Christmas, and he always supported any dream we had. 

My brother wanted to play drums…he got his drumset.  I wanted to play the flute…I got my flute.  Other brothers played sports…they got whatever equipment they needed.

I remember when I was really young and working at a retail store.  I had reached my limit with “Rears and Sobucks” and I came home and said, “I am so sick of that place, I just can’t stand being there.”  My father replied, so quit.

I was like…huh? 

He repeated….so quit.  You have a roof over your head, there’s food in here for you to eat, you have no children, you are in college and there is no need for you to be somewhere you hate.  Quit.

I quit the next day.

Those words turned out to be the most liberating words of my life.  To this day, I will not stay on a job that will stress me out to the point  that, I am dreading even the thought of going there….life is just too short for that shit.

I have seen people have nervous breakdowns or anxiety attacks( which  feel like a heart attack)….all because of their job. 

When he told me to quit, I knew  he had my back.  Even today, he still has my back….one phone call is all it takes. 

Is he perfect?   HELL NAW….he has no patience and, he can be a self-righteous, stomping on my last nerve, son of a gun when he wants to be and sometimes, when he doesn’t.

But, he’s my daddy……can’t live with him…..can’t live without him.



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daddy!

  1. I avoided reading this post on purpose but it drew me back.
    The memories you have of your Pop and how he has always stood behind you are priceless. Nothing warms my heart like Daddy/Daughter love. You are SO blessed! Happy belated, Dad. Take care of him!

  2. Lawd, he’s coming in town next month..I better get the pots out because he expects me to cook all sorts of stuff for his spoiled butt..lol

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