Good Morning Monday

Good Merting Everyone!  My weekend was full…of running with the kids.   What is it with my kids that, they have to give everyone a ride….

Oh ma, EG needs a ride home…

Ma, Tony needs a ride home…and Butta too.

And THEN, Yellow Jacket friends need a ride too…could somebody tell them that , I do not have a SUV.

But,me being the sucka for kids that I am, manage to do a little maneuvering and I got  all of the kids home.  One of the poor kids had left  school at 5:30 and it was 7:00 and she still had not made it home yet.  In fact, she was no where near home.  For the Nawlins folks on here….she was coming from Magazine Street and at 7:00, she was only on Canal Street and had to go all the way in the east. 

The idea of a 14 year old girl standing in the heart of Canal Street at night was a little too much for me so, I scooped her up and brought her home. 

Public transportation here sucks big time…since the storm, they have cut back drastically and it takes forever for a bus now.

The weather was so beautiful that, my hubby and I took the dogs for a walk in the park.  All of the dogs were so well-mannered….why my dog  gotta act like a donkey?

The female was cool but, the male…he’s rearing up on the leash trying to get to the people, growling and barking…just a donkey I tell ya…and every dog was bigger than his cocker spaniel tail!

This week the big parades roll so, I am trying to get in gear for my chaperoning duties.  I walk with my daughter’s school band (St. Aug only uses male chaperons) and if yesterday’s walk is any indication of my being ready to walk an entire parade route then….I’m not ready. 

Better get the Ben-Gay out…I am sure to get some muscle cramps.

I am hoping for an uneventful chaperoning season….the last time I chaperoned, I sort of had to punch a guy in the face.  He was standing on a ladder, drunk as can be and popping every chaperon that passed him,on the head…until he hit my head….it was ON…got clocked right in the jaw…he didn’t hit anymore chaperons after that

 The police told him,if he messed with another unit they were bringing him to jail…they don’t play when it comes to messing with the marching units.    Most of the people out to see the parades are wonderful but, every now and then, you get the fool…which is why so many parents chaperon…especially for the all girl units.

I watched the Grammys and the only thing I’m going to say about that is…Stevie Wonder just MIGHT want to rethink those braids.

Valentines Day is this week.  I don’t like that holiday but, my hubby wants to do something for me so, I just told him to take me to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. 

I am so looking foward to this weekend…Mardi Gras will be in full swing…I’m bringing my camera out there so, I’ll be posting plenty pics!


6 thoughts on “Good Morning Monday

  1. Can’t wait to see pictures of the parades! We’re having a celebration at work but it isn’t the same. If I wasn’t there, they would have no idea what Mardi Gras was.

    But we’ll be eating fried chicken and pretending it is Popeyes! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see the pics. I’m hoping that my girl from back home brings a king cake when she comes to visit.

    Oh, and I ordered that cookbook. Thanks for the suggestion!!! Gumbo, here I come.

  3. @Dereck, I know, it’s time for the braids to go but, I guess if Nick Ashford can still wear that wet jheri curl…*sigh*

    @ Andrea, When is the celebration at work? Just ate some Popeyes today. I hadn’t had it in a bit and it was rolling!

    @LB, I am so glad you go that cookbook. For the gumbo,if you get that roux right, the rest is a cinch! Just remember to keep stirring and don’t move from the pot until you have a very dark roux.

  4. On Feb 24. I went out and bought prizes today. We’re having a cinnamon roll king cake – because I am too lazy to try to bake one. LOL But we are putting a baby in one. Everyone in the office is getting a krewe name for the day. And Purnell got us some beads and doubloons.

    And seriously – in our meeting, someone asked if I would put together a history of Mardi Gras so that they would know exactly what they were celebrating! LOL

    AND……I tried to get them to do a Zulu coconut decorating contest and they said NO and seemed quite unimpressed. What is wrong with these northern folks???

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