Pure Randomness


Yesterday, I watched The Biggest Loser and what is up with Joelle?  That chick is bonkers…twilight zone crazy.  I can’t help but wonder how those two became friends in the first place.   Some friends ya just gotta let go. 

You can tell it’s carnival time.  I had to pass three public high schools and everyone of them had a band marching in the middle of the street practicing for parades…..during  rush hour traffic.  They were marching and playing, the auxiliary squads were doing their thing.  Folks in cars were patiently waiting for them to get out of their way(which took a while)…..we are used to that this time of the year and I for one, enjoy the music…..seems  like the bands are going to be on fire this year.

Since when did people keep their Christmas tree up and decorate it with mardi gras items?  Take the tree down already before you put an egg on it for Easter.

The neighbors behind me (in the gladys kravitz post), had to give the house up…couldn’t afford the note anymore…*sigh*….this economy sucks.

I really wish these schools would stop “nickle and diming “me to death….like they don’t get enough of my money.  Speaking of money,

I have to go and pay a traffic ticket that is *ummmm*  two years old …..should be interesting.  I guess I better bring plenty “L’ argent” as my mom used to say.

I received a calendar today with beautiful pictures of my niece and nephew on it….I’m putting it right by my bed so I can see them every morning.

It’s suppose to be 70 degrees Saturday…. I think we are going to fire up the grill and boil some seafood this weekend.

I purchased one of those digital converter boxes because, during hurricane season, if there’s a storm, satellite tv will go out and we need to see what’s going on.  I put it on a telly that is not connected to satellite and…DAYUM!  That thing gives you one pretty behind picture!!! WHOA!

What’s going on with you today?


7 thoughts on “Pure Randomness

  1. I will fess up to the Mardi Gras tree. My mom and I did this once or twice when I was 15 or 16 y/o. The tree sagged by this time but it was still cute. I’d probably never do it again, b/c I couldn’t wait to snatch my tree down this year.

  2. That is too funny…the sagging Mardi Gras tree.. ya know,I’ve been entertaining the thought of one myself….I talk about the people but, the tree is very cute..lol.

  3. LOL@the mardi gras tree. Might as well leave the tree up. Christmas was less than 8 weeks ago.

    I’ll be down in the N.O. on Saturday. Good to know that the weather will be balmy! I was worried about that!

  4. I decorated my Christmas tree with Mardi Gras colors and had every intention on leaving it up for Feb 28, when I’m having a party that will have a Mardi Gras theme here. Unfortunately, I was not diligent in watering the tree and it started looking dry and brittle so i had to toss it. I sure miss the days of going to crawfish boils. I hope you are going to throw in some corn and potatoes..

  5. I had to read this blog after The Biggest Loser had aired in my home (which is always late as I go to bed early).

    What IS up with that girl?? She says things that are wacky! I had to laugh when the one sister on the yellow team kept saying stuff about how wacky she was.

    Seafood boil?!?! *sigh* Wish I was there!

  6. @S23,…Aww, sorry about your tree, and yes, we are throwing in some corn, potatoes and anything else that will fit in the pot..lol

    @ Mrs.Saditty, HEY STRANGER! Glad to see you back!…I think the Christmas tree is going to have to be renamed to the Holiday tree…lol

    @Andrea, Yeah, Dereck told me you hadn’t seen it yet. That was so funny, I knew Joelle wouldn’t work out with Carla after they were booted. I can’t wait to see the finale!

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