Funny Friday

Yesterday, I was helping my son study chemistry.  He read a paragraph to me and then I begin to say in a deep, stern voice,

Purple Knight, you HAVE to REMEMBER  the three SUBATOMIC FARTICLES; protons, neutrons and electrons. That’s a guaranteed test question.

my daughter:  ma, you do know that you said FARTICLES right?

me: I did?

my son: yeah ma, I heard it too.

me: well…you know what I mean, humph.

kids:*falling out laughing at me*  and singing,  momma said farticles, momma said farticles!

These kids are going to be the death of me yet…*sigh* good thing they’re cute 🙂


3 thoughts on “Funny Friday

  1. Ali, you wrong for the “farticles”… and that’s coming from a chemist. I am highly offended. I give you the *gas face*.

    (But yeah, I woulda been laughing hard at you, write along with the kids. That was mighty funny!!!)

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