Are You a Gladys Kravitz?

If anyone has watched TV Land and caught an episode of Bewitched(I watched it when they aired the program on regular television….(you know, on the big behind tv  that sat on the floor with KNOBS and no remote…yeah, that thing-a-ma-jig.)   Well,if you did then, you should be familiar with their nosey neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz.

Gladys Kravitz  was always snooping around Darren and Samantha, peeking inside of the windows and popping up at the house, always trying to find out what the heck was really going on inside of that house.  She didn’t miss anything.

  I have a confession to make….

I am the Gladys Kravitz of my area. 

I don’t go as far as she did, but, I don’t miss anything either.*  hanging head in shame, now looking up,head tilted to the side  to see what’s going on*

Everyone around here is like that though.  That is, the people  who were back here before Katrina are. 

Where’s what Mrs. Kratvitz(moi) has noticed…..the neighbors behind me have been MIA for about a month now.  They purchased the house after the storm(I saw the real estate transaction in the newspaper….always looking to see who is moving around me.)  At first, everyone was worried because, since the storm, people have been buying houses and you don’t know who is going to move around you but, they were really cool neighbors. 

Except for New Years 2008.  They had guests that went across the street from the house, popped firecrackers and SET THE GOLF COURSE ON FIRE.  I’m downstairs and I started  to smell smoke so, I open the door and look in the front..nothing there, look to the back of the house…FIRE ON THE GOLF COURSE! 

You could smell smoke in the house for three damned days.

There has been no activity in the house for over month…no cars, no lights on….nada.  They must have moved because,  the grill is gone, the outside patio furniture…gone.  The three big behind garbage cans the city gave everyone(you’re only suppose to have one..they had three of’em)…gone.

They only lived in the house for a year.  That’s an odd blip because they purchased the house gutted out and fixed it up to live in it and now, they’re gone.  No  “for sale” sign..nothing.  I hope nothing has terrible happened to them.  We were just getting to know them.

When their daughter graduated, they  invited the neighbors over to the  party which was nice(my neighbor said, that’s so we couldn’t call the police when they tried to do all of that “boomity-boom”  loud music late at night when people are trying to rest…lol.)  They seemed to really like the area, it’s really quiet back here and most people dig that.  Even the neighbor right next door to them is perplexed.  If they moved, it must have been in the middle of the night because,  no one saw any time of moving van around there or anything…. it’s all so spooky.

I guess I’ll have to keep my “radar” on and see if anything pops up.  I’ll keep you all posted.


3 thoughts on “Are You a Gladys Kravitz?

  1. I think that my neighborhood Gladys Kravitz lives directly across the street. She brings me water when she sees me working on my yard. She tells me about some of the other neighbors and then warns me about how the kids in the neighborhood steal stuff out of your car. Hadn’t talked to her in a while…you’ve reminded me that I may need to speak to her for a few.

  2. Yeah, you know when the grill is gone, people are REALLY gone.

    I am NOT a Gladys Kravitz. I don’t care what’s going on, as long as people stay out of my yard and don’t involve me in their dramas. I know when some mess go down, because of all the other Kravitz’ in my neighborhood though. They keep me abreast of what is going on.

    The gay guys next door are MAJOR Gladys Kravitz’. We kid about how they come out of the house whenever they see us come out of the house, and they love to ask us where we are going. We were going to make up something one day, like we were going to the halfway house or a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. LOL! That will really stir them up.

    But do what you gotta do! Nothing wrong with being aware of what’s going on in your vicinity!

  3. @LadyLee and LB, We have to be aware today behind the Katrina episode. A lot of neighbors are still not back, many people sold their homes to the state and some put them up for sale, and people are buying them and trying to rent them out. This area had almost 100% homeowners and now, we don’t know what’s going on.
    Katrina wrecked neighborhoods in more ways than one.
    During the rebuilding process, around me, every single house was robbed except mine, my neighbor and the guy that lives behind them. Everyone else was hit sometimes more than once. They actually took the door off of the hinge at one house and STOLE THE DOOR!

    Yeah, Imma keep my Gladys Kravitz going on…lol

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