The SAG Awards

This morning, I brought my son to school and while waiting for him to get his things out of the trunk, here comes this kid going inside of the gate with his pants hanging off of his butt.  Me ,being the person that I am, calls him over;

me: young man,come here…why are your pants sagging?


me:your pants are sagging young man

him:huh? my pants not sagging.

me: son, I’m staring at your pants on your buttocks, that is not uniform regulation.

him: *pulling up pants* walks inside of gate and the pants fall again.

my son: *standing there looking totally embarrassed*


Heck, I don’t care, these young men need to be told that they are sagging and to pull those damned pants up. I came home and wrote a letter to the principal about the situation and proposed that he put stiffer penalties on young men caught sagging.  Penalities that will wake up the parents because, this is what I know for sure, children do what they can get away with.

Sending your child to this school, ain’t cheap.  It costs 7 thousand dollars a year to send your son here and I see kids get out the car with their parent sitting right there, and they are sagging and the parent says nothing.   My son does not leave the house without a thorough inspection from head to toe from me and his father.  At 7 grand a year, times 4 years..that’s 28 grand!!!  And you think you are going to walk around sagging?……not on my watch. 

 I love the excuses he used to come up with though if he was caught…the belt is too loose,the pants are made that way,I must be losing weight.  Yeah, pretty creative but, not going to work sonny.  He got so tired of us riding him that, my son gave up the fight a long time ago.  I also told him the next time I caught him sagging, I was going to make him go outside with nothing on but his”drawers” since he wants to show them so much…that might have something to do with his change of heart.  Which proves my point, children do what they can get away with.  He knows I’d do it, so, he just gave up the fight and *poof* no  more sagging issues here.

And before someone reads this and thinks it’s a black thing….think again.  Every, single time I go to Metairie all I see is  young, white males walking around with their pants hanging off of their butts.  Two weeks ago, we were at the doctors office and this white male was with his grandmother and his pants were so low that they started at the middle of his thigh.  He had to walk like a penguin.

But, I don’t blame the kids as much as I blame the adults.  They are kids, they are going to try you, that ain’t nothing new, we tried our parents.  But, they laid the law down and if you broke it, you got the penalty for it.  A lot of parents  today aren’t setting that law down like they should.  As I’ve said, my son tried it  but,  I guess the thought of being outside for hours in his “drawers” is not worth sagging for.  Lucky him because…it’s cold outside.


7 thoughts on “The SAG Awards

  1. I agree 100% — I have a soon to be 15 year old black man in my house…he tries…he’s a thin kid…We ain’t having it AT ALL! He knows I’m crazy and his Dad is an old thug that will lift him up with one hand and toss him on his sagging pants behind. I’m with you on this one..

  2. @CyncereSister; Exactly!!! My mom wouldn’t let me leave out the house looking crazy. She’d give you “the eye” and say, where you going looking like that? That was code for,”get your ass back in there and change. And you better do it…OR ELSE!”

  3. My brother use to wear his pants sagging… that is until he started working on a horse ranch and had to wrangle in the horses. He kept falling on his ass trying to pull up his pants. He has enjoyed snug pairs of Wranglers every since then. LOL

    It’s a good thing you pulled that young bruh to the side and got on him. That’s some ol’ school chastisement right there!!

  4. @LadyLee; LOL..must have been hard trying to wrangle those horses while his pants were wrangling Experience is always the best teacher.

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