Boys And Books Don’t Go Together

The other night, while I was working at  “The Little Shop Of Horrors” , one of the nurses and I got into a discussion…did I say discussion? She talked the entire damned shift! I had never heard anyone talk so much in my life, I could still her voice in my head while I was trying to go to  Anyhoo, she noticed that I was reading a book during my break and she asked if I really liked to read.  My response…I’m a bookworm.  She then went on to say that, her brother used to read until one day her mother grabbed the book from him and said,”boy, go outside and play..boys and books don’t go together!”

Ok, now I have to say that everyone tells me never to play poker because I DO NOT have a poker face. I no longer sit in the aisle seat at weddings because, I was caught with a “what the hell kind of dress is that” face by the photographer as he was taking pics of the bride coming down the aisle…(that still makes me laugh.)  The look on my face must have said it all because I didn’t even respond, I just looked at her.  She then went on to say that her mother pushed her to go to school but, thought that boys didn’t belong in school. What kind of mess is that?  Boys and books don’t go together.

I am a firm believer that children want to be great.  They want to excel and if you raised the bar, they will strive for it. Why would any parent stunt their child’s success by putting that foolishness in his head that boys and books don’t go together?  I am still baffled by that one.  I have a son that is 16 years old and I still make him  read aloud to me.  I have heard too many young men read aloud only to stumble and stutter over the words and then, become embarrassed and give up.

Ben Carson’s mother couldn’t read but, she made sure that he and his brother went to the library.  He is now a world renowned neurosurgeon.  Barack Obama’s mother used to wake him up at 4 a.m.  to study.  He is now, our next President.  I can’t help but what her brother would have accomplished if his mother had nurtured his love of reading.


4 thoughts on “Boys And Books Don’t Go Together

  1. Now this woman examplifies the reason why some “folk” say if you want to hide something from a black person, put it in a book!!!
    Sheesh, I thought thos peeps were extinct by now !

  2. @ LadyLee..I know, it’s sad. When I am in certain areas of the city and people see me reading, you would be amazed at the people who brag that, they don’t like to read. One woman actually told me, she PUNISHES her children by making them read! I couldn’t hold my tongue for that one.


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