The Night Shift

I haven’t been blogging lately because, I have been working the night shift at various hospitals/health care facilities and man has it been veeery interesting.  The place I worked last night just took the cake though.  I have been a nurse for a bit now so, I have pretty much seen it all but LAWD, I felt like someone dropped me into the depths of hell last night.

This little facility I went into was “supposed” to be a  retirement facility in need of a nurse, at least that’s what the agency told me when asked if I was available to work.  I had figured it all out in my head.. 11-7 shift, retirement facility, easy money, leave and go get paid…I’ll take it!

This place must have been a retirement facility for crazy people and I’m just talking the employees right now, I haven’t even started on the patients yet.  The employees were  throwing MF”s and B-bombs at each other and I was told that it was wait for it….normal. 

One of the patients had a fight with the DON there, another patient ran after a nurse and while she was running from the patient, the nursing assistants ran (in the opposite direction!) and boarded themselves up a room and put a chair under the knob so he couldn’t go after them!  The police had to be called to be called naturally…*deep, long sigh*

You just can’t make this stuff up.   And the kicks part is, I got a call to go back there….TONIGHT!


5 thoughts on “The Night Shift

  1. You might want to take some protection, i.e., don’t forget your pack your pistol.

    That did sound like easy money… and quiet time. Sounds more like some ‘hood bizness! I’m suprised you’re going back!

    • Oh, hell to the no… I ain’t going back there…I ran out of there like a man being released from prison, sounding like Mel Gibson in Braveheart…FREEEEEDDDDOOMMMM!

  2. You know, I don’t know if they are open either..I’ll have to check. The health care system here is recovering really slow, they still don’t have any hospital at all in New Orleans East.

  3. That’s sad…I used to live off of Lake Bullard in the east pre-Katrina. My dad and his fam were 5 minutes away from me. He’s now on the Westbank with no urge to move back to the east. My goal is to move back home (have no clue where, but the east is out for me as well) but things have to fall in line on the financial front. Maybe by then, the east will be up and running more smoothly. At least, Rodney’s is still open ‘cuz I make sure to get me a snowball or 2 when I’m in town.

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