Last Christmas Will Be A Hard Act To Follow

Mickey's first christmas paradeSince Thanksgiving is gone, I am now in the prepping stage for Christmas. I gotta tell ya, it’s hard considering how we spent last holiday season.  We spent a week in Orlando, Florida and celebrated Christmas Day at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios…Lawd, how do you compete with that!?  The atmosphere was sheer magic (and crowded!)  We even took the dogs with us and to anyone who has any reservations about bringing your animals to either theme park…if you want to bring them..BRING THEM!  Both parks take excellent care of your animals despite what I read on several blogs before going there.  Universal Studios make theirs really convenient to get to. I think they were my favorite followed by the Kennel at MGM Studios,Epcot, and then Magic Kingdom.  The Magic Kingdom kennel is just hard to get to because you have to leave magic kingdom which is surrounded by water so, it takes a while.  Anyway, last year was just sheer delight and we plan to go there for New Year’s 2010 so that we can catch the new Harry Potter area that is opening up at Universal Studios around that time. Here are a few pics of our Disney, Universal trip last year.  My next blog will be some info for people who plan to spend holidays at either park and what to expect….long lines and crowds that’s what!  But,the kindness of strangers and smiles and squeals from kids(young and old) as well.  Enjoy!

Husband and son, Christmas Day @Walt Disney World

Husband and son, Christmas Day @Walt Disney World

I don’t know why I can’t get this picture to turn..oh well.

This is my hubby and son on christmas day at disney.  You have to get there early because due to fire codes, they can only take in so many people and by 10:00 am, they stop letting people in.  Needless to say, we got there early!  The workers all had a bet regarding how early the park would have to shut down. For christmas 2007, I was told by an employee that,they had to stop taking guests at 9:30am then around 1pm since some people were leaving the park, they were able to take in more guests.





12-31-2007-0192We brought our babies(dyson-blond; sassy-black) with us on the trip.  You would be amazed at the people who bring their animals! Get your pets checked in early or, they will run out of room.  They do NOT take reservations, first come, first serve.

Looks like they are looking for Mickey huh?




tower of terrorMe and Purple Knight had just gotten off of the Tower of Terror ride(in the background) for the 5th time!  If you love the feeling of free-falling 13 flights over and over and then, having the doors open so you can see how high you are only to free fall again…THIS RIDE IS FOR YOU!  All you hear at this ride is continous screaming!  Love it, love it!






christmas 2007Me and hubby (and dopey) @MGM studios in Orlando. This was the day after christmas. Check out the dude over my husbands shoulder with the hat…lol that’s why I love Disney World, everyone justs let their soul


4 thoughts on “Last Christmas Will Be A Hard Act To Follow

  1. Love the pics!One of my college boyfriends graduated from St. Aug so the “Purple Knight” references always warm my heart. I am positive that you’ll have a wonderful Christmas.

    • Hi L-Tyrosine! Sorry it took me so long to put your reply up but, I’ve been super busy. Yes, Universal Studios is great! We’re planning to bring New Year of 2012 there.

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