Black Friday Madness


On the internet I read the story of this mob here that trampled a Walmart employee as they stampeded into the store on black friday. Not only was he killed but a pregnant woman was also trampled and lost her baby as a result.  This shit is just crazy to  me.  When did we become a nation of people who are so rabid mad that we have resorted to stampeding and running over folks for what is perceived to be a bargin?  I thought the country was broke anyway.  I did not go out there there day after thanksgiving, my days of black friday shopping ended a long time ago.  I do remember going out there twice in my life.  Once, I called myself going to the mall early.  I got in my car and arrived at the mall 4am.  When I got there, there was already a long lined formed at the door so, I got my raggidly butt back in my car and went back to my house.  Shoot, it was cold and I wasn’t about to stand in that line for a Tickle Me Elmo..huh, not me.

The second time I engaged in that black friday mess my kids were a little older and they wanted some games for their game boy advance.  I was at K-mart this time and at 6am the line had already formed at the door but, it wasn’t cold so I stayed.  At 7am, the line was circling the parking lot.  They opened the door and everyone in the front walked in but then, someone started running, then another, then another and before I knew it, my ass was running through the store too!

Seems we all were heading for the electronics dept and I remember running past this lady and she said, “you were way in the back, how’d you catch me? ” I answered, ” I used to run track” and wizzed passed

I was one of the first people to hit the counter and I mean we hit that counter like BLAM!  All of us grown ass people running for shit our kids won’t even play with for two weeks and that’s if they don’t lose or break the mess first.  By the time the people who were in the back of the line reached the counter, they had sold out. Needless to say, they were pissed because the store hadn’t been open for 15 minutes and all of the games were gone.  I got my games and went home, mission impossible accomplished.

I remember running through that store and the mob was no where near like the one in this picture but I also remember watching that I didn’t run anyone over and if someone would have fallen that would have been it for me. I would have had to help that person.  Who tramples over someone? Did you not feel them underneath your feet? I mean really.  I live in New Orleans..has anyone ever been to a Mardi Gras..on Mardi Gras day? Forget Mardi Gras day, go to an Endymion parade..thousands of people on the street,…you don’t trample over people dammit!!

Down here, people were lined up but no madness here.  Katrina taught us all a lesson, that all that bullshit can be washed away in a heartbeat so people were shopping but it was like..if I get it fine, if I don’t fine.

None of that mess out there is worth a person losing their life over.


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