divas-0021Today is my baby’s birthday.  Her name is Sassy and she is my black cocker spaniel.  Sassy is a Katrina Survivor  and we are so blessed to have her back from that ordeal that we really spoil her way more than we need to but, after all she’s gone through she deserves it.

When we left to evacuate for the storm, we left her to stay with my father who did not evacuate (yeah, I know already.) No one knew the damned levees would fail okay? Anyway, when the levees broke and the flood waters came in, my father had to be rescued out of the house. He was on the second floor and had two tubs filled with water and plenty of food for Sassy so they were alright until…they did not let him take her.  That’s right, Sassy was forced to stay at the home alone.  My father ripped opened the big bag of dog food and put in on the floor so she’d have access to food and the tubs were her water source.  Problem was, the water stayed in the house for three weeks so, Sassy was in the home alone with no lights or anything for three weeks. I am sure she was wondering what the hell happened to her pack(they rescued my dad August31st and we picked her up in Oct), she had food and water though and was still inside so I am sure that is what saved her.

After the water resided and people were able to move around the city more, my neighbor had passed the house and noticed Sassy in the downstairs front window.  There were some animal rescue folks in the area so, he called them over to go rescue Sassy.  The rescue people were Pasado from Washington and they took her to Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales, Louisiana.  In the interim, we had actively been on animal websites trying to get any kind of information about rescued animals and things were looking bleak.  There were so many animals and so many black cocker spaniels named Sassy (just when you think you’re original..not) that we thought we’d never find her or if we did, she’d be in the house not alive.

Well, as blessings would have it, my brother ran into my neighbor and was told that Sassy was rescued and I was able to contact my neighbor and get all of the information regarding her where abouts.  They had moved her from Gonzales, Louisiana to Raceland, Louisiana and we were literally cross country in Spokane, Washington but once we found out where she was, we drove all the way down to get her.

When we arrived there, the poor baby was still in shock. I walked over to her kennel and she way lying there looking sad and depressed, food uneaten.  I leaned down and said, “hey girl.”  She looked at me and slowly walked to the front of the kennel and gave me a little, gentle lick on the back of my hand.  My husband leaned down and said, “hey Sassy.”  She looked at him and growled.  It was a small “grrr” that probably meant,” Where the hell has your ass been dammit!”  She’s a daddy girl so, I understand that language. She had to fuss at him a bit. They had taken really good care of her at Pasado and I am so grateful for those wonderful rescue workers. They are truly angels on earth.  We packed our baby up  and put her in the car and felt like our family had been glued whole again.  That’s a day I’ll always remember, the day we got our Sassy back.


Thank you for your unconditional love and protection for me and the entire family!!


3 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY!

  1. I knew in my heart that Sassy was alive. I prayed and asked God to keep her safe. And while we drove to Spokane, with tears in my eyes, I saw her sweet face in the clouds, not the face of an dog that had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but one of a survivor, a family member who was alive and waiting for us. My prayers were answered when I had that vision of her face. Thank GOD !!!

  2. Sassy is beautiful and a survivor!The best part about disasters and tragedies is coming out on the other side and being able to look back on the events and be thankful that things turned out okay.

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