Where’s the damned Eggnog?!!!

What do I get when a nice “cool patch” finally lands in New Orleans?  Do I get to sip on some good, homemade eggnog while snuggling up under a blanket watching my favorite movies?

NO, I GET A FRIGGING COLD!!!!!  A MEAN, BAD-AZZ COLD THAT KEEPS ME HOG-TIED TO THE BED FOR THREE DOG-GONE DAYS!!  Nose running, sneezing errywhere, walking around with toilet paper under your arm just to go to the bathroom type of cold!!  Spending most of my time praying that I don’t do an accidental overdose before it’s all over.  I don’t do colds well, I can’t remember the last time I had one of these things, shoot.

Can’t  even drink eggnog because I can’t taste it!!!! Tastebuds are ka-put.*sigh*

Maybe I’ll have better luck on the next “cool patch” of air that happens to flow down here.


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