Eggnog time!!!!

eggnogWell, we finally got a darn cool day down here and I am going to make the most of it while it’s blowing.  I am fixing me some good, homemade, old-fashioned eggnog!! I am so grateful that I gave this recipe to my brother and SIL before Katrina hit because I didn’t remember exactly how to make it and the recipe has been in the family since the 1800’s.  It was spared, because I shared.  I know most folks today just go to the grocers and pick up a can of eggnog but I can’t do it.  I tried it once and it had me running to the kitchen to whip up a batch. 

Growing up, my mom would fix eggnog only once a year on New Years Eve.  Every year, we would wait with anticipation for that damned eggnog and then, try to drink as many cups as possible because we knew we weren’t getting any more until next year.  When Katrina hit and we were exiled, I found comfort in that eggnog.  We were staying at an extended stay deluxe in florida and it had a mini-kitchen (it was a wonderful place to be exiled!) I was depressed being away from my kids and my home so, I would fix  eggnog about every three days. I am suprised that I even want it anymore considering how much of it I drank!  I am not one to put weight on quickly so that was never a concern.  That little eggnog recipe gave me some similance of my life pre-K.  *Just a side note, that’s how people who have experienced Katrina talk about their lives, pre-k or  not.  It’s not “b-k” as in “before katrina” when someone says that, we automatically know, you aren’t from  this

So now, with this cold weather and my hubby and children in tow, I am going to fix us a batch of eggnog while we have some cold weather because, here in New Orleans, there’s no such thing as winter.


4 thoughts on “Eggnog time!!!!

  1. You’re gonna make me go fix some. I can usually hold out until Thanksgiving then I go nuts straight through until like, March. LOL

  2. While I am one of those that actually likes the store bought eggnog, I can’t help but get giddy once Thanksgiving comes around and I know that Dereck is going to whip up a batch. 🙂

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