I am who I am

What prompted me to begin blogging was a website that I would visit fairly often.  After reading various bloggers and blogging myself a time or two, I realized that some people really dislike others merely because of their genetic makeup. Here in Louisiana, we are proud of our heritage and make no excuses for who we are.  I am black and a creole,  so is my husband.  It has taken me a while to get comfortable in my skin but I have always loved my heritage.  My maternal grandmother was a Choctaw Indian, My great-grandfather arrived to Louisiana from France.  My question for today is, why do people get upset when others refused to deny parts of who they are?  Do you have to be just black, white, or asian and  deny your Indian grandparents,white parent, black parent or whatever the case may be?  I say no. What say you?


2 thoughts on “I am who I am

  1. I say you are totally correct.
    There may exist reasons for this truism though. Some may be unaware of their heritage, some may not like their heritage ( for whatever reason ) and some may be brainwashed to believe that it doesn’t matter anymore.
    In any case many of the above find your “comfort in your skin” to be discomforting to them; either from jealosy or hate may cause their reaction to your comfort to be negative.
    Yet stay strong in your beliefs and stay faithful to who you are..the past influences the present and where you’ve been determines where you are going. Your ancestors have direct genetic influence on you and your progeny. Know also that others, including myself, share this rich heritage and broad backround.

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